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Session Schedule for: Thursday, Oct 17, 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM

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Session Title
Youth-led Market Assessments: A Participatory Approach for Enabling Young People to Identify Employment Opportunities
Harnessing Big Data in Higher Education - Evaluators as Data Scientists
Intertwining Image and Voice: Using Photo Voice to Shift the Evaluation Lens
Challenging Institutional and Systemic Oppression in the 21st Century: Lessons Learned From Two Evaluations Using Collaborative and Equitable Practices
Using the 2011 Program Evaluation Standards to Improve the Quality of Medical Education Evaluation Studies
How to Combine Epidemiology and Effectiveness Research Traditions in a Realist Evaluation Utilizing 100% Data From Management Information Systems
Promoting Regional Research and Development (R&D) Innovation through Evaluation: Perspectives From Europe and Argentina
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Oak Lawn
Evaluation in Support of Research - More Than Just Impacts
Facilitating Data-based Decision Making in Community Planning
Using Developmental Evaluation to Improve a Statewide System of Support or K-12 Education Programs
Visualizing Process: How to Create a Stakeholder-friendly Graphic Timeline of Process Data
Contextual Inquiry: Gathering Accurate Tacit Knowledge in Real-Life Settings
Benefits and Challenges of Synthesizing Evaluation Reports: Examples From the Field of Informal Science Education
Asthma: From the Clinic to Policy, How Are We Doing?
Fairchild West
Anthropology and a Randomized Controlled Trial: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of Oxfam America's Savings Group Program in Mali
Fairchild East
Delivering Bad News: How to Translate Negative Feedback Into Productive Formative Evaluation Feedback
Gunston West
Leading Departmental Evaluation Functions in Government: Competencies Requirements for Federal Heads of Evaluation in the Government of Canada
Gunston East
To Toll or Not to Toll! That is the Question: A Program Evaluation Contextual Framework for Assessing Long-term Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships
Columbia Section 1
Survey Design and Analysis
Columbia Section 2
Reliability and Reporting Issues With Estimates Based on Small Sample Sizes
Columbia Section 3
Policy Evaluation: Engaging the Right People at the Right Time
Columbia Section 4
Framing Evaluation, New Project Design and Changing the Way People View Their Work: The Case of an Outcome Mapping Frame for Saving Newborn Lives
Columbia Section 5
Evaluation Capacity-Building to Promote Well-Being in Tribal Communities
Columbia Section 6
Measuring and Articulating the Public Value of Extension Work: Creating and Using Public Value Templates
Columbia Section 7
Using Mixed Methods Evaluations to Identify Unintended Consequences of Development Programs
Columbia Section 8
Knowledge Management (KM) for Global Health: New Approach and Tools to Monitor and Evaluate its Success and Impacts
Columbia Section 9
Internal Evaluation TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Harnessing the Power of Internal Evaluation in the Early 21st Century
Columbia Section 10
Integrating Impact Evaluations into the Design of International Governance Programs: Lessons From the Field
Columbia Section 11
The Evaluation Road to an Evidence-based Program: A Roadmap, Discussion, and Checklist of Key Components
Columbia Section 12
Exploring the New Frontier of Research Design to Improve Evaluation Practice
International Center
The State of Developmental Evaluation in the Early 21st Century
International East
Evaluation Policy Task Force Update
International West
The Pleasure and Pain of Using Online Collaboration Tools for Evaluation
Understanding and Assessing Value Creation in Online Communities of Practice
Georgetown West
Evaluation-Specific Methodology: Why it Must be in Your Toolkit
Jefferson West
Are Threats to Internal Validity a Curse or a Blessing for Evaluation? Lessons Learned From a Zumba Class
Jefferson East
Ignite Your Tech
Lincoln West
Excel Elbow Grease: How to Fool Excel into Making (Pretty Much) Any Type of Chart You Want
Lincoln East
The Secret Lives of Outcomes: A Conversation About How They are Defined, Constituted, Targeted, Commodified, and Experienced
How to Engage Stakeholder to Address Data Quality Issues in Outcome Monitoring
Suite 7101
Nurturing Environments: Evaluation Strategies for Community-Based Prevention Programs
Suite 1101
Developing Tools to Build Policy Evaluation Capacity at the State Level
Suite 2101
Roundtable: Developmental Evaluation in Graduate Education Assessment: A Cross-Disciplinary Perspective
Suite 3101
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluating the Senior Year Residency Experience in an Innovative Teacher Preparation Program

Roundtable Rotation II: Evaluating the Utilization of Information and Communication Technology in a Parent Engagement Program: Lessons From a Metropolitan School District
Suite 4101
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluating Biodiversity Conservation Effects on Human Wellbeing: A Crowdsourcing Roundtable

Roundtable Rotation II: Developing An Environmental Literacy Assessment Tool for K-4 Urban Children
Suite 5101
Roundtable: Brainstorming the Use of Large Data to Assess the Impact of the Affordable Care Act
Roundtable Rotation I: Using Social Network Analysis to Measure Interdisciplinary Training

Roundtable Rotation II: A Round Table Discussion Bridging the Importance of Evaluation Between Training and Practice
Suite 6101
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluation Technical Assistance: The Art of Doing More With Less

Roundtable Rotation II: Online Activity Logs: Low Cost and High Impact for Multi-Site Evaluations
Suite 9100


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