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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Oct 19, 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM

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Session Title
Engaging Youth in Assessment and Planning: Case Examples From High Schools and Community Coalitions
How Many People do We Need to Survey? A Workshop for Evaluators Based in Higher Education
Who's in Charge, Here? The Importance of Diversity of Program Evaluators and Broadening the Definition of the Evaluation Team
Strengthening Collaborative, Participatory, and Empowerment Evaluation: Issues and Perspectives
Compared to What? Comparison Data for Evaluating Postsecondary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Interventions
Revitalizing a Quality Assurance Evaluation System: A State Agency/University Partnership
Online Faculty Evaluation Evolution: How Training, Mentoring and Resource Allocation Foster Instructor Success
Evaluating Leadership Development, Training and Workplace Mentoring
Oak Lawn
The Written Word: Evaluating English Language Reading, and Writing Programs and Standards
Impact of After-School Programs on English Learners
Social Networks in Data Use Relationships in Charter Schools: Dynamics and Processes
Interdisciplinary Influences on the Conduct and Use of Evaluation
What Does Service Data Tell us About Reactions, Risk Categories, and Resiliency After Natural Disasters? - Five Years Since Inception of the Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program Online Data Collection System
Evaluating Government Programs Through Collaboration and Mixed Methods
Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure through Evaluation: Using the "Learning and Growing Through Evaluation" Manual to Guide Asthma Surveillance and Partnership Evaluations
Fairchild West
The World Bank's Partnership With Large Global Programs: Lessons From the Global Fund, the Global Environment Facility, and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
Fairchild East
Beyond Aggregation: Supporting Large-scale Complex Initiative Through Collaborative Synthesis
Gunston West
Department of Labor Trade Act Evaluation: Using Data to Move From Accountability Reporting to Transformative Change
Gunston East
Quality Implementation and Implementation Evaluation
Columbia Section 1
Mixed-Methods in Randomized Control Trials (RCT): Maximizing Qualitative Data Analysis in the Evaluation of Democracy Assistance in Cambodia
Columbia Section 2
Methodological Considerations in the Evaluation of Drama-based Pedagogy
Columbia Section 3
Evaluation of Programs that Provide College Access to At-risk Students
Columbia Section 4
Public Agencies' Use of Program Evaluation
Columbia Section 5
Putting the "L" in Evaluation: How Strategic Learning Partnerships can Improve the Relevance and Responsiveness of Program Evaluation and Learning
Columbia Section 6
Diverse Approaches to Building Evaluation Capacity
Columbia Section 7
Evaluation of Interventions in Conflict-Affected Or Post-Conflict Settings: Lessons Learned and New Methodological Approaches
Columbia Section 8
Using Technology, Media and Population Data to Evaluate Obesity and Diabetes Programs
Columbia Section 9
The State of Teacher Evaluation: Making It Work in Practice
Columbia Section 10
Broadening the Table: How Evaluators, Funders, and CBOs Collaborate to Improve Outcomes and Systems
Columbia Section 11
Towards Measuring the Social Impact of Nonprofits and Philanthropies in China
Columbia Section 12
Evaluation Practice in Different National Contexts: The Case of Mexico, South Africa and the United States of America
International East
Management Information Systems as Evaluation Enablers
Jefferson West
Evaluation Capacity Building - Practical Tools for Moving Beyond Training
What Information do Stakeholders Want? Selecting Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
Georgetown West
Agile Evaluations: What Practices Can Help With Just-in-Time Oversight?
Georgetown East
Themes From Case Studies of Evaluators' Lives
International West
Introspection for Improvement: Reflections on Our Research and Evaluative Practice
Jefferson East
Reflections and Musings of Evaluation Directors
Lincoln West
Needs Assessment Practice Across Disciplines
Lincoln East
When the "Big Tent" is a "Big Organization": Uniting Evaluation Practices to Improve Healthcare at Kaiser Permanente
Suite 1101
Building Buy-In: How to Win Friends and Influence People
Suite 2101
Roundtable Rotation I: Policy Advocacy Evaluation in Practice: Patterns and Insights From Nine Leading Advocacy Organizations

Roundtable Rotation II: Assessing Global Advocacy Coalition Effectiveness: Light-Touch Evaluation Approaches That Work
Suite 3101
Roundtable Rotation I: Overcoming Barriers to Data Use in Local Level Education Planning: A Case Study From Nigeria

Roundtable Rotation II: Think Globally, Evaluate Locally: Strategies for Demonstrating Global Outcomes of International Organizations Working With Complex Programs in Diverse Contexts
Suite 4101
Roundtable Rotation I: A Framework and Philosophy for Impact Evaluation of Natural Resource Management Research (NRMR) Programs

Roundtable Rotation II: Evaluating Public Health Readiness for Climate Change: Meeting the Challenges of Assessing Proximal Indicators of Resiliency
Suite 5101
Roundtable Rotation I: Implementation Drivers: How do we use this framework to Evaluate Change Efforts in Child Welfare and Help Build Capacity?

Rountabel Rotation II: Can We, and Should We, Achieve a 100% Evaluation of All Social Work Services?
Roundtable Rotation I: Creating an Evaluation Rubric: Building Evaluation Capacity Within the Dallas Independent School District

Roundtable Rotation II: Measuring and Evaluating School Readiness in South Carolina
Suite 7101


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