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Session Schedule for: Friday, Oct 26, 2:40 PM to 4:10 PM

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Session Title
Valuing Public Programs and Policies in Complex Contexts: Balancing Multiple Values, Multiple Cultures, and Multiple Needs
101 A-D/G-J
Evaluation Frameworks for Assessing Private Sector Outcomes of Research, Technology, and Development (RTD) Public Investments
101 E
Relevance I: Insuring Methods to fit Extensionís Audiences
101 F
Building Evaluation Capacity in Environmental Education Programs: A Discussion of Process, Successes, and Limitations From Capacity-Building Initiatives
102 B
New Measures for Positive Youth Development and Youth Participatory Evaluation
102 C
Developmental Evaluation for Strategic Learning: Lessons From the Field
102 D
Lessons Learned When Developing Evaluation Instruments for Inquiry-Based Aquatic Science Teacher Professional Development Modules
102 E
Working With What Youíre Given: Data Visualization in Microsoft Excel
200 A
Planning Cluster Randomized Trials With Adequate Power: A Demonstration of the Optimal Design Plus Software
200 C
New Toolkits and Models for Promoting Organizational Learning and Evaluation Capacity Building
200 D
Embracing Complexity: Identifying Principles for Effectively Engaging Communities in Multisite, Place-based Evaluations
200 E
Infrastructure to Sustainability: Program Logic, Measurement, and Evaluation
200 F
The Complexity of Multi-Site Evaluations: Lessons Learned From the Evaluation of a College Access Program
200 G
Enriching Research Assessment on Interdisciplinarity
200 H
Integrating the Lessons Learned From School and Community-Based Evaluation: Toward a Shared Action Plan for Two TIGs
200 I
Evaluating Social Programs and Choices of Tools of Government: Grants, Contracts and Protocols
200 J
Sustaining Small Volunteer Organizations: Insights From AEA Local Affiliates
201 A
Evaluating Violence Against Women Initiatives: An Evaluation of a Multi-Disciplinary Domestic and Sexual Violence Initiative and Insights About the Challenges of Evaluating Sensitive Topics
201 B
Mucking About: Challenges of Being Culturally Competent for New Evaluators
202 A
The Influence of Context On Evaluation: Examining Contextís Effects on Accuracy, Utilization and Outcomes
202 B
The Case of the National Evaluation of Upward Bound (UB): What Happens When a High Profile Evaluation of a Federal College Access Program Gets it Wrong and Reflections on Lessons Learned for Future Evaluations
203 A
The Bubble Sheet: A Flexible Brainstorming and Action Planning Thinking Tool-You Can Use it for Logic Models Too!
203 B
Evaluating Change in a Dynamic, Urban Environment: Neighborhoods, Businesses, and the Construction of the Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Line
204 A
Roundtable Rotation I: Integrating Evaluation and Strategy in a Non-profit Setting

Roundtable Rotation II: The Long and Winding Road to Relevance: Our Seven-Year Journey to Create and Maintain a Culture of Learning and Evaluation in a Multi-service Non-profit Organization
204 B
Advocacy Capacity Building in Communities of Color: A Framework & Community Case Studies
205 A
A Case Study of Organizational Change: How Organizations Participating in The RWJF Evaluation Fellowship Have Moved Toward More Culturally Responsive Practice
205 B
Building Evaluation Capacity to Address Health Disparities: Working With Diverse Cultural Communities, Perspectives From the Field
205 C
Beyond Fidelity: Taking Evidence Based Programs to Scale With Quality
205 D
Roundtable Rotation I: Changing Views and Viewing Change: A Proposal to Use Soft Systems Methodology in Evaluation Settings

Roundtable Rotation II: iPlant as Example: Promoting Discussion of the Relationship Between Systems and Strategy Evaluation
206 A
Roundtable Rotation I: Competing With the Big Guys: Doing Large Complex Evaluations as a Small Evaluation Firm

Roundtable Rotation II: Examining the Complexity of Developing Meaningful Relationships With Stakeholders as a New Evaluation Firm
206 B
The Kindergarten Readiness Debate: Evaluating Social Emotional Development and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services in a Multi-Site Collaborative
207 A
Transition Programs for Students With Intellectual Disabilities: Multiple Perspectives on Evaluation From a National, Multi-Site Higher Education Project
207 B
Managing Evaluation Projects From a Distance: Strategies, Tips and Tools
208 A/B
Evaluation for Equitable Development Results
208 C/D
Roundtable Rotation I: Training Novice Evaluators to be Culturally Competent: Strategies and Suggestions for Evaluation Faculty

Roundtable Rotation II: Training Doctoral Students to be Program Evaluators: Insight for Students and Professors on Improving the Transition
209 A
Roundtable Rotation I: Keeping It Off the Bookshelf: Teaching Clients to Use a Written Report

Roundtable Rotation II: Stakeholder Engagement in the Evaluation Process: What Works to Promote Evaluation Use?
209 B
Roundtable Rotation I: Going Beyond Context Matters: Using Contextual Characteristics in Rigorous Impact Evaluations

Roundtable Rotation II: Whereís the Line? Helping Build Evaluation Capacity While Honoring International Expectations and Values
210 A
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluating Experiential Learning in Higher Education

Roundtable Rotation II: Ideas for Using the Critical Thinking Interview as an Assessment Tool
210 B
Evaluating Interventions for Improved Student Success
211 A
The Strengthening What Works Initiative: Advantages and Challenges of Turning Practice into Evidence in Community Settings
211 B
Innovative Tools for Evaluation Project Management
211 C/D
Collaborative Data Systems: Progress, Problems and Potential
212 A
Evaluating Multi-Organization Alliances for the Stem Pipeline for Students With Disabilities
212 B
Donít Ask, Canít Report: A Practical Guide to Collecting Data on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender People in a Culturally Responsive Way
213 A
Reflections From the Field: Balancing Competing Principles While Using Empowerment Evaluation to Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence
213 B


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