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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 5, 2:20 PM to 3:50 PM

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Session Title
Valuing our Methodological Diversity
Pacific A
Valuing Diversity: How to Construct Consensus for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Policy with Multiple Stakeholders - Experiences With the Global Environment Facility (GEF)
Pacific B
Value-added Estimates as Part of Teacher Evaluations: From Data Management to Results Interpretation
Pacific C
Evaluating Networks: The Evolving Practices, Their Promises and Perils
Pacific D
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluating the Civic Engagement of K-12 Students: A Framework for Representing Student 'Voice'

Roundtable Rotation II: Empowering Students to Self-evaluate Their Learning
Conference Room 1
Valuing Stakeholders and Integrating Multi-method Findings in Public Health Evaluations
Conference Room 12
Theories of Change and Participatory Methodologies in the Evaluation of Peacebuilding Projects
Conference Room 13
Strengthening Use of Evaluation: Issues and Perspectives
Conference Room 14
Value and Valuing: Importance to Program Success and Its Relationship to Cost
Avila A
Using Data Dashboards in Formative Evaluations
Avila B
Evaluating Students' Career Decisions in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Fields
Balboa A
Friend or Foe? Collaboration Among Evaluation and Program Staff Within Foundations
Balboa C
Mindfulness-based Facilitation in the Development of Evaluation Capacity Building for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Capistrano A
Hearing the Family Voice in Evaluation
Capistrano B
Using Outcome for Quality Improvement
When Was the Last Time You Played With Tinker Toys? Teaching Evaluation Can Be Fun!
The Tennis Ball Game: Evaluating and Improving Processes Through PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) Cycles
El Capitan A
Evaluating the Paris Declaration: A Joint Cross National Evaluation
El Capitan B
Advanced Geographic Information System (GIS): Using Geostatistics in Evaluation
Huntington A
Government Evaluation: International Case Studies
Huntington C
An Examination of Evaluation Challenges with the Nebraska Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG)
La Jolla
Researching Ethical Dilemmas
Laguna A
Representing Stakeholder Values Through Effective Communication of Findings
Laguna B
Roundtable Rotation I: Developing Useful and Effective Monitoring and Evaluation Systems: A Discussion on Experiences Determining Which Data Counts

Roundtable Rotation II: Building a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation Capacity (M&E) System for an International Development Organization: The Hunger Project, a Case Study
Lido A
Implementing Evidence-based Programs to Prevent Adolescent Pregnancy: Real World Challenges for Evaluators and Practitioners
Lido C
Long-term Impacts: Evaluating Long-term Research Impacts and Valorising Evaluation Long-term
Evaluation of a Nano Science and Technology Centers Program: Mixed Methods Approach to Assessing its Realization of Policy Objectives
Qualitative Inquiry in International Health
Planning and Conducting Needs Assessments in Health
Social Network Analysis in Education: Evaluation of Impact, Growth and Collaboration
Palos Verdes A
Issues of Race in Evaluation
Palos Verdes B
Evaluating Professional Development and Program Improvement by Using Mixed Methods
Innovation Through Institutional Integration: Multiple Stakeholders and Multiple Methods of Evaluation
Investing in Learning, Investing in Change: Measuring the Impact of Advocacy
San Clemente
Collaborative Development and Implementation of a Cross-site Evaluation of a National Systems and Policy Change Initiative Across Diverse Sites and Approaches
San Simeon A
Designing Professional Development Evaluation to Assess Impact
San Simeon B
Roundtable Rotation I: New Venues for Practical Experience in Evaluation: Cultivation of Evaluator Competencies Within a Graduate School of Medicine

Roundtable Rotation II: Student Perspectives on Balancing Practical and Conceptual Aspects of Evaluation-focused Graduate Education
Santa Barbara
Weighting and Measurement in Evaluation Quality for Educational Arenas
Santa Monica
Measuring Quality in Child Care and Family Support Programs: Tobacco Tax Funds at Work


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