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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 4, 2:50 PM to 4:20 PM

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Session Title
The Value of Qualitative Data for Assessing Program Impact: When Qualitative and Quantitative Findings Tell Two Different Stories
Avalon A
An Exposition of Values Associated with Cultural Competence in Evaluation.
Avalon B
Integrated Monitoring, Evaluation, and Planning (IMEP): An Approach to Evaluating International Research and Systems Change
California A
Working With Sensitive Data and Challenging Settings for Data Collection
California B
Valuing Evaluation Intersections: Building a Stronger Transdiscipline
Pacific A
Strategically Planning for Evaluation in Statewide Programs: Opportunities and Drawbacks
Pacific B
Understanding Alternative Economic-based Approaches to Valuation
Pacific C
Roundtable Rotation I: Assessing Outcomes of and Improving Evaluation Through Client Feedback

Roundtable Rotation II: Managing Program Evaluation: The Continued Invisibility of a Core Practice
Conference Room 1
Roundtable Rotation I: Using Values to Focus the Evaluation of a Dynamic, Multi-stakeholder Prevention System

Roundtable Rotation II: The Recovery Oriented Systems of Care: A New Direction in Behavioral Health
Conference Room 12
Cost Analysis in International Development Evaluation: Working With Imperfect Data
Conference Room 13
The Rigor and Practice of Dots, Stickers, and Labels as an Evaluation Method
Conference Room 14
From the Dusty Corner to the Corner Office: How to Bring Evaluation to Life
Avila A
Building Networks on Sturdy Ground Through Evaluation Support
Avila B
Roundtable Rotation I: Valuing Local Data and Evaluation Capacity: Lessons from the Annie E Casey Foundation's Making Connections Initiative

Roundtable Rotation II: Community Capacity Assessment: The Role of Evaluation in Creating Conditions for Continuous Learning and Accountability for Results
Balboa A
The Twenty-year Journey of Evaluation Within a Foundation: The Colorado Trust
Balboa C
The Impact of Evaluator Relationships on Evaluation Capacity Building
Capistrano A
Conceptualizing and Valuing Child Welfare Outcomes in Evaluation
Capistrano B
Evaluations Involving Criminal Justice Populations: Measurement Challenges and Advancements From the Field
National HIV Prevention Program Monitoring and Evaluation: Lessons Learned and Future Directions for Data Collection, Reporting and Use
El Capitan A
Implications for and Methods of Measuring HIV/AIDS Programs in Developing Countries and Brazil
El Capitan B
Roundtable Rotation I: Peacemaker: Balancing Paradigmatic Concerns and Client Expectations in Collaborative Evaluation

II: Mediating Value Preferences Within the Evaluation Consultancy Role
Exec. Board Room
Feminist Evaluation and Research: A Preview of Good Things to Come
Huntington A
Performance Measurement and Evaluation at the Bureau of Health Professions, Health Resources and Services Administration
Huntington B
Improper Payment Studies: Government Programs in Housing, Food, and Health Care
Huntington C
The Use of Evaluation for Accountability: An International Perspective
La Jolla
Friend or Frenemy? Research on Stakeholder Involvement
Laguna A
An Inspired Design for Collecting Useful Data From Diverse Stakeholder Groups
Laguna B
Constructing Performance Indicators for Democracy Promotion Projects and Programs
Lido A
Building Capacity and Translating Knowledge Across Multiple Settings
Lido C
Progress Reporting for US Federal Grant Awards: Templates, Guidance, and Data Standards to Support Effective Program Evaluation
Valuing Indigenous Rights: Implications of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples for Evaluation
Meta-Analysis De-Mystified: A Step-by-Step Workshop
What Counts as Ethnography?: Valuing Ethnographic Methods in Evaluation
Valuing Collaboration: Lessons Learned Through Evaluations of a Federally Funded Kinship Initiative
From Survey Data to Network Mapping and Beyond: Describing Inter-Organizational Coordination and Collaboration Networks
Palos Verdes A
New Evaluator Training and Capacity Building: Lessons From the Field
Redesign: What Happens When Old Approaches Fail
Expanding Organizational Advocacy Capacity and Creating a Legacy for Change
San Clemente
Valuing Voice: Considerations for the Use of Concept Mapping in Communities to Express and Activate Diverse Perspectives in Planning and Evaluation
San Simeon A
Using an Evaluation Logic Model to Drive Integration of Statewide Initiatives
San Simeon B
Roundtable Rotation I: Clashing Hats: Moving From External to Internal Evaluation Roles

Roundtable Rotation II: Straddling the Internal and External Evaluator Role: Issues of Independence
Santa Barbara
Exploring Data Visualization for Evaluation
Santa Monica
Understanding Visitors Through Institution-wide Evaluation Studies
The Role of Evaluation in Informing Program Functioning and Public Perception


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