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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 4, 1:35 PM to 2:20 PM

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Session Title
Inside the Outdoors: Field Trip to Outdoor Environmental Education Site
Off Site
Fuzzy Logic Models: Embracing and Navigating Complexity
Avalon A
Designing and Implementing Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Evaluation
Avalon B
Causal Loop Diagrams: Design and Applications
California A
Collaborative Evaluations
California B
Success is Giving a Fish: Valuing Indigenous Values
Pacific A
Shaping Evaluation Functions: The Canadian Federal Policy on Evaluation and its Interpretation in Federal Departments and Agencies
Pacific B
Implementing Survival Analysis to Increase Evaluation Value
Pacific C
Responsive Approaches to Strengthening Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Capacity: A Case Study, Shack/Slum Dwellers International (SDI) and Rockefeller Foundation
Conference Room 1
Towards a Framework for Not-for-Profit and For-Profit Partnerships in Educational Evaluation
Conference Room 12
Using Data Flow Diagram in the International Development Context
Conference Room 13
New Tools for Cost Benefit Analysis Derived From old Much-Neglected Concepts and Equations
Avila A
Designing and Using Data Dashboards for Monitoring and Evaluation: A Case Study
Avila B
Evaluating Academic Outcomes and Higher Order Thinking Skills in an Educational Setting
Balboa A
Using a Research and Development Approach to Maximize Learning, Replication, and Scaling in the non-profit Sector
Capistrano A
Involving Project Staff in Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Thematic Checklist
Capistrano B
The Alpha and Omega of Mental Health Program Evaluation
En"gendering" Evaluation: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Feminist Evaluation from Feminist Evaluators
An Ounce of Prevention: Practical Approaches to Evaluating Community Health Initiatives
El Capitan A
How to Ask Latinos? Understanding Mexican Culture to Improve the Interview Experience with Latinos
El Capitan B
Ethnographic Evaluation: A Realistic Choice or a Contradiction in Terms?
Exec. Board Room
A Web Tool for Collecting County-level Program Implementation Data for State-level Evaluation
Huntington A
Statistical Approaches to Multisite Evaluations
Huntington C
GEAR UP and Talent Search College Access Outcomes
La Jolla
Emerging Perspectives in Evaluation Theory
Laguna A
Strategic Planning: Building Capacity for Evaluation During the Planning Process
Laguna B
Determining the Level of Collaboration of Community Transition Teams
Lido A
CAPTURE: An Evaluation Platform for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention
Lido C
Improving Peer Review for high Risk and Center-based Research
A Two-Year External Evaluation of a Federal Emergency Management Agency-Funded and State-Led Disaster Case Management Pilot Project in Response to Hurricane Ike
Ongoing Short-term Performance Measurement as a Predictor of Long-term Objectives Achievement by Government Programs: A Case Study
A Qualitative Study of the Effects of Performance Indicators on the Psychological Well-being of Public Employees: An Interview and Discussion With the Researcher
A Discussion on Measuring the Black Box of Services in Human Services Evaluation
Innovative Approaches to Environmental Education Evaluation
Palos Verdes A
Moving Foundations Forward on Movement Building: The Role of Philanthropy
Palos Verdes B
Online Learning and Technology-supported Instruction: What Works?
Best Practices Analysis of Learning Environments
Implementing the Bellwether Methodology: Lessons From Two Fast-Paced, Real-Time Advocacy Evaluations
San Clemente
Wrestling With Clients to Strengthen Our Evaluation Practice
San Simeon A
Bang for the Buck: Cost-Effectiveness Evaluations in K-12 Education
San Simeon B
Analyses That (Almost) Write Themselves: Using Crosswalks, Matrices And Schematics to Guide Multi-Method Evaluations and Present Study Findings
Santa Barbara
Meta-analysis as a Valuable Tool in Driving Quality Evaluations
Santa Monica
Challenges in Evaluating Development Cooperation Programs and Community Development Initiatives


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