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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 4, 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM

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Session Title
Theories of Change: Understanding and Using Theory in Evaluations in International Settings
Avalon A
Developmental Evaluation on the 'Red Carpet': Nominated in the 'Best Method' Category for its Contribution to the Inclusion of Multiple Voices and Perspectives in the Determination of Judgments of Goodness
California A
Evaluating the Impact of Training Programs: Simple Surveys are not Enough!
California C
Lights, Camera, Evaluation: Presenting Values and Cultural Nuances Through Two Skits
Pacific A
Exploring Linkages Between Evaluation Policy, Evaluation Work, and Public Policy
Pacific B
Exploratory Factor Analysis Within a Confirmatory Factor Analysis Framework (E/CFA)
Pacific C
Using a Media Content Analysis to Evaluate the Impact of a Public Awareness Campaign
Conference Room 1
The Value of Engaging Community Level Educators in Evaluation Efforts in Extension
Conference Room 13
Evaluation of Research Systems in Fast Developing China and Vietnam
Conference Room 14
When to Use Evaluation Findings: A Decision Makers Dilemma - Grappling With the Methodological, Ethical, and Political Implications of Less Than Optimal Evaluation Findings
Avila A
Use What you Have: Creating Automated Visual Displays Using Word and Excel
Avila B
Returning to the Causal Explanatory Tradition: Lessons for Increasing the External Validity of Results From Randomized Trials
Balboa A
Using Concepts From Complex Adaptive Systems and Agent-based Modeling to Understanding the Role of Federal Programs in Improving College Access and Completion
Balboa C
Measuring Institutional Capacity for Sustainability: Tools and Methods to Consider
Capistrano A
Evaluating Behavioral Health Collaboratives: Finding the Value in Process Measures as Well as Outcomes
Capistrano B
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health TIG Business Meeting
Telling Our Story: School Transformation Documented Through an Ethnographic Photo Gallery
Follow-up Discussion With Keynote Speaker Leonard Pitts, Jr
El Capitan A
In-depth International Comparison of 14 Donor Agencies: How Do They Systematically Judge Value of Their Aid?
El Capitan B
Evaluating the Manoomin Project: Learning How to Navigate Complex, Interconnected Cultural and Organizational Borders
Exec. Board Room
Follow Me, Friend Me, Tweet Me: A Demonstration of Social Media's Evaluation Power
Huntington A
Managing Flexibility and Complexity
Huntington C
Evaluating Program Implementation: A Decision Framework and Perspectives From the What Works Clearinghouse
Laguna A
Including Vulnerable Voices in Evaluation
Laguna B
Implications for Evaluating Conflicting Values in Higher Education
Lido A
The Added Value of a Second Act: Using Administrative Data for Needs Assessment and Outcome Evaluation in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Lido C
Doing the Near Impossible: Synthesis of Benefit Cost Studies
Is the Footprint Rightly Measured?: Challenges to Evaluate Environmental and Social Performance in Private Sector Projects
How to Recruit Qualified Applicants for Evaluation Jobs in Rural and Frontier Settings
Taking Photovoice Online: Lessons Learned From an Innovative Evaluation of a Youth Leadership Training
The Arts Education Model Development and Dissemination Grant Program: Evaluating the Impact of Arts Integration in Elementary and Middle Schools
The Architecture of Environmental Evaluation: A Literature Review and Network Analysis
Palos Verdes A
Accelerating Inter-Agency Collaboration and Outcome Measurement in Online Environments
Palos Verdes B
Value and Valuing in New Learning Environments: Web 2.0 and Real-time Simulation
When Good Evaluations Go Bad: Lessons for New Evaluators
An Impacts Planning, Assessment, Reporting, and Learning Approach for Local-to-Global Advocacy Networks: An Example of the Campaign to End Pediatric HIV/AIDS
San Clemente
Living Your Values: Ethical Dilemmas in the Field and How to Deal With Them
San Simeon A
Japanese Perspectives on Educational Evaluation
San Simeon B
Valuing Human Rights and Gender in Evaluation
Santa Barbara
Standard Setting in Systematic Reviews: Examples From the What Works Clearinghouse
Santa Monica
Stepping Into Unknown Territory: Evaluability Assessment of New Business
Charter Management Organizations (CMOs): Their Growth and Impacts on Student Achievement


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