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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 4, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

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Session Title
Strategies to Improve Quality of Mixed Methods Evaluations
Avalon A
Strengthening Value Through Evaluation Capacity Building
Avalon B
Using Artistic Strategies in Collecting, Analyzing and Representing Evaluations
California A
Tiered Evaluation: Local Evaluators Operating Within the Context of a Cross-site Evaluation
California B
Living Into Developmental Evaluation: Reflections on Changing Practice
California C
What Counts in Social Services Evaluation: Values and Valuing in Evaluation Practice
Pacific A
Extending the Value of Extension Work: Publishing Evaluation-Related Journal Articles
Pacific B
Master Teacher Series: Writing Effective Items for Survey Research and Evaluation Studies
Pacific C
Roundtable Rotation I: Long Distance Evaluations Using a Collaborative Approach

Roundtable Rotation II: Beyond Satisfaction: Revisiting the Use of Satisfaction Surveys in a Collaborative Evaluation
Conference Room 1
Roundtable Rotation I: We Actually Did It, and You Can Too: Creating a Culture of Learning and Evaluation in a Multi-service Nonprofit

Roundtable Rotation II: Evaluating the Development of Community in Communities of Practice
Conference Room 12
Evaluating Development Interventions in Conflict and in Food Security
Conference Room 13
The Healthy Relationships Approach in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Prevention: Turning Practice Into Evidence
Conference Room 14
Pass the Aspirin: When Projects Become Headaches
Avila A
Values and Valuing: The Core of Professional Practice
Avila B
Roundtable Rotation I: Increasing the Cultural Relevance of Evaluation in Informal Settings

Roundtable Rotation II: Linking Developmental Evaluation and Social Justice
Balboa A
Yes, Money Matters! A Conversation With the Stakeholders and Evaluators of Winning Play$: A Financial Literacy Program for High School Students
Balboa C
A Novel Approach to Monitoring and Evaluation of Community-based Disaster Risk Reduction Programs: A Collaboration Between the American Red Cross and Johns Hopkins University
Capistrano B
Evaluating the Impact of Programs Serving Youth
Building Community Collaborative and Evaluator Evaluation Capacity to Measure Community and Systems Change
Quality Improvement in Health Care: Training Measurement and Reporting
El Capitan A
Reaping Randomized Results on the Ranch: Rigorous Impact Evaluation Designs and Preliminary Results From Agricultural Interventions in Three Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compacts Countries
El Capitan B
Data Across the Miles
Huntington A
Value in Government Evaluation: Multiple Perspectives
Huntington B
Utilizing Conceptual Frameworks to Define and Evaluate Public Health Infrastructure
Huntington C
Moving "The Movement" Forward: Evaluation as a Critical Tool in Furthering the Work of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community and Programs
La Jolla
From Theory to Practice: Potential Avenues via Evaluation Capacity Building and Research on Evaluation
Laguna A
International & Cross-cultural Partnerships: Understanding how Partners Develop Relationships of Mutual Support and Value
Laguna B
Roundtable Rotation I: Planning and Strategy: Making Plans That Support Strategic Behavior in Emergent Environments

II: Assessing Board Performance: Dysfunctional and Effective Boards
Lido A
Approaches to Assuring Evaluation Use: Valuing Stakeholders, Context, and Program Priorities in Cancer Control
Lido C
New Approaches to Assessing National Institutes of Health (NIH) Research Programs
Evaluation Lessons From Work Among First Nations, Aboriginal and Metis Peoples in Canada
Methodological and Theoretical Considerations in Evaluation
Appreciating Complexity in Qualitative Design and Analysis
Climate Change Education Projects: Advancing the Dialogue Through Effective use of Evaluation Strategies
Palos Verdes A
Teaching Program Evaluation for Public Managers
Making Our Way Forward: Creating an Evaluation Design for an Indigenous College
Review of Literature Evaluative Steps: A Meta-Framework for Conducting Comprehensive and Rigorous Literature Reviews in Program Evaluation
San Clemente
Nurturing a Learning Culture: Two Key Tensions
San Simeon A
Innovative Techniques for Data Collection and Management in Educational Evaluation
San Simeon B
Roundtable Rotation I: State-Level Evaluation of a Migrant Education Program

Roundtable Rotation II: Gathering Information From Valued Stakeholders: Exploring Effective Ways to Capture Homeless Parents' Perceptions of School-Based Program Implementation
Santa Barbara
Quantifying Threats to Validity
Santa Monica
Faults Everywhere: An Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)
Exploring New Roles and Responsibilities in Educational Evaluation


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