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Session Schedule for: Thursday, Nov 3, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

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Session Title
Perspectives on Credible Evidence in Mixed Methods Evaluation Theory and Practice
Avalon A
Perspectives and Practical Applications for Advancing Culturally Responsive Evaluation Practice
Avalon B
Should Environmental Sustainability be a Core Value for an Evaluator?
California A
State-level Evaluation Policy: A Call for Dialogue
California C
ACT II: Exploring the Complexities of Evaluating Infrastructure Development in Cluster, Multi-site, or Multi-level Initiatives
California D
Stakeholder Values in Policy Evaluation: Working to Improve Public Health Policy at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Pacific A
Meet the Pros: Intermediate Consulting Skill Building Self-Help Fair
Pacific B
Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design TIG Business Meeting and Expert Lecture: Evaluating Theory-based Evaluation: Information, Norms, and Adherence
Pacific C
The Challenges of Evaluating the Scale Up and Replication of Innovative Social Programs
Pacific D
Roundtable Rotation I: Quality is Job #1: Strategies and Struggles to Ensure Quality in an Evaluation Unit

Roundtable Rotation II: Doing Quality Evaluation While Surviving the Funding Crisis
Conference Room 1
Roundtable Rotation I: Evaluation After the Facts: Tips and Alternative Designs

Roundtable Rotation II: What Can Research on Evaluation Do for You? Benefits of Practitioner-based Research on Evaluation (ROE)
Conference Room 12
Assessing the Use and Influence of Evaluations: Evidence of Impacts and Predictors of Success
Avila A
Evaluation in the Face of Uncertainty: Resolving the Tension Between Need for Design Integrity and Need to Adopt Evaluation to Shifting Outcomes
Avila B
Roundtable Rotation I: Identifying Ways to Increase The Racial/Ethnic Diversity of People Entering the Field of Evaluation

Roundtable Rotation II: Exploring Evaluation Theory to Promote Diversity in Program Evaluation
Balboa A
Developing Approaches That Place a Positive Value and Reduce Resistance to the Evaluation Process
Balboa C
Valuing Evaluation in Non-Traditional Areas: Lessons for Evaluation Capacity Building
Capistrano A
The Measurement of Issues Affecting the African-American Population: Uncovering the Value
Capistrano B
Recovery Orientation in Service Programs
Elements of Evaluation Training: Developing Evaluator Competencies and Understanding Values in Evaluation Practice
Values and Perspectives on Evaluating Clinical and Translational Science
El Capitan A
International and Cross-cultural TIG Business Meeting
El Capitan B
An Assessment Tool to Evaluate Evaluator Cultural Competence: A Report of Progress
Exec. Board Room
Evaluating Websites and Social Media
Huntington A
Infusing Evaluative Thinking in the Public Sector to Advance Valuing of Evaluation in Society
Huntington B
Evaluating Policy Functions: Emerging Practice in the Canadian Federal Government
Huntington C
Is Your Evaluation Tired? Rejuvenate it!
La Jolla
Evaluation and Research-Practice Integration: What are Our Roles and How Can We Play Them Better?
Laguna A
Managing Ethical Risk in Evaluation Projects by Using Two Practical Online Ethics Decision-Support Tools
Laguna B
Roundtable Rotation I: Monitoring and Evaluation Online Collaboration and Capacity Building: Challenges and Lessons Learned for International Organizations

II: The Challenges of Collecting Evaluative Data Across Long Distances Rather Than Face-To-Face
Lido A
Evaluating Programs to Improve Children's Development and Health
Lido C
Multiple Methods for Assessing Societal and Environmental Impacts of Research
Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting
Graduate Student and New Evaluators TIG Business Meeting
Fairness for Participants in Evaluation Studies: An Easy-to-Use Toolkit to Identify Issues for Consideration
Needs Assessment TIG Business Meeting and Roundtable: Concerns in Assessing Needs
Social Network Analysis TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: The Application of Multiple Measures in SNA Evaluations
Palos Verdes A
Building Standards for Health Policy Evaluation in an Academic Medical Setting
Palos Verdes B
Balancing Values: Examining the Capacity for Interactive, On-Line Extension Planning, Evaluation and Reporting Systems to Address Dispersed Personnel and Stakeholder Values
Methods I: New Approaches to Assessment in Higher Education
Moving Toward Impact: Alternative Approaches to Meeting the Premium Value of Impact Assessment in Environmental Evaluations
San Clemente
Population-based Impact Evaluation for Public Health and Social Programs: A Conceptual Framework
San Simeon A
Responding to Context: Advances in Evaluation Practices
San Simeon B
Roundtable Rotation I: How Do You Measure Success? Framing the Evaluation Conversation for Programs With Fuzzy Goals

Roundtable Rotation II: Advancing Internal Evaluation in a Values-Driven Organization
Santa Barbara
The Effect of Political Values and Expectations on Evaluation: Perspectives From Different Countries
Santa Monica
Process Improvement Techniques for Program Evaluation: Adding New Tools to the Evaluator Tool Box
Diverse Approaches to the Evaluation of Out-of-School Time Programs


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