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Session Title: Ethnographic Snapshots, Cameos, and Chronicles of the 2011 AEA Conference, as Told by Three Distinctive and Distinguished Evaluators and a Champagne Toast!
Plenary Session 995 to be held in Pacific A on Saturday, Nov 5, 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Sponsored by the Presidential Strand
Jennifer C Greene, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, jcgreene@illinois.edu
Eleanor Chelimsky, Independent Consultant, eleanor.chelimsky@gmail.com
Karen E Kirkhart, Syracuse University, kirkhart@syr.edu
Abstract: What were the multiple countenances of Evaluation 2011 on the ground? What presentations were observed to spark energetic conversations and what was the character of those conversations? What were attendees talking about over coffee in the morning, a glass of wine or juice at the bar, or more significantly, during multiple visits to the ladies rooms? What varied constellations of evaluators were observed in dialogue one with another? Who might have been left out? What connections and friendships in action were observed? Was Mickey Mouse part of the conference buzz? These and many other facets of our time together in Anaheim will be recounted by three illustrious and keenly perceptive elders of our field. These three will have spent some of their conference time listening and observing on the ground to the character and tempo of our time together. In this final plenary, they will share their observations and insights.

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