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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 8, 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

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Session Title
Studying Systems Through Social Network Analysis: Empowering Institutional Change Centennial - A
Practical Applications for Using Propensity Scores Centennial - B
Successfully Managing Evaluation Management: Approaches to Common Challenges From Three Different Evaluation Perspectives Centennial - C
Communication and Cognition in Evaluation Utilization Centennial - D
Ethics and Evaluation: Respectful Evaluation With underserved communities Centennial - E
Managing the Tension between Performance Measurement and Evaluation in the Emerging Political Environment Centennial - F
Science of Science Management: Development of Assessment Methodologies to determine Research and Development Progress and Impact Centennial - H
Foundations of Evaluation: Theory, Method, and Practice Mineral - A
Improving and Applying Measurement Techniques to Identify and Account for Differences Across Social Groups Mineral - B
New and Interesting Evaluations of Early Childhood Services and Interventions Mineral - C
Building Evaluation Capacity Building for Public Health: Community, CBO, and State Examples Mineral - D
Evaluating Structural Changes in Residential Children's Homes: Challenges, Strategies and Lessons Learned Mineral - E
Policy, Practice, and Standards: Educational Evaluation in an Age of Accountability Mineral - F
Empowerment Evaluations: Insights, Reflections, and Implications Mineral - G
Overviews of Research on Observation Instruments Used in Arts Education Evaluation Studies Agate - B
Nonprofit Evaluation Practice: Special Applications Agate - C
Walking the Tightrope: Developing Valid Tools to Measure Fidelity of Implementation That Meet Stakeholder Needs Granite - A
Using Indicators to Unite Partners and Players in a Common Evaluation Enterprise: Examples From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Granite - B
Methods and Data Integrity in International Evaluation Granite - C
Roundtable Rotation I: Viability of Independent Practice in Times of Evaluation Policy Review

Roundtable Rotation II: Navigating the Murky Waters of an Institutional Review Board (IRB): Guidance for Evaluators
Quartz - A
Roundtable Rotation I: An Evaluation of the Transformation of Undergraduate Education at Rutgers University

Roundtable Rotation II: Student Perspectives on the Meaning of Good College Teaching: Mexico-USA Differences
Quartz - B


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