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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 8, 3:05 PM to 3:50 PM

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Session Title
Fuzzy Set Analysis: A Method for Understanding Causality in Complex Systems Centennial - A
The Application of Survival Analysis Methods for Evaluation of Programs With Variable Program Entry and Exit Points Centennial - B
Discussion of Student Awards Essays Centennial - C
What Have We Learned About Randomized Control Trials (RCTs), Gold Standards, and Credible Evidence: Moving Beyond the Debates to Improve Policy and Practice Centennial - D
The Arizona Department of Education's Dropout Prevention Toolkit: An Innovative Interactive Tool That Disseminates Best Practice Findings From 39 Dropout Prevention Programs Centennial - E
Serving Elites and Civil Society: Evaluation Imaginaries in a Globalized World Centennial - F
SIMPACT (Satisfaction-Impact-Action): A Web-based Organizational Culture Assessment System That Links Work and Nonwork Life Needs to Employee Turnover Centennial - G
Evaluating Impacts of Climate Change Centennial - H
IHEs Confront Technology's Impact: Online Surveys and Digital Resources Mineral - A
Expanding Advocacy Capacity: Findings From the Evaluation of The California Endowment Clinic Consortia Policy and Advocacy Program Mineral - C
Use of Social Networks for K-12 Evaluation Capacity Building Mineral - D
Participation and Policy: Evaluation in Multi-Site Programs Mineral - F
Using the Getting To Outcomes Framework to Implement Continuous Quality Improvement in Community-Based Prevention Mineral - G
Let's Make it Human: Evaluating Live Interpretation and the Visitor Experience Agate - B
Reflecting and Moving Forward on Movement Building Evaluations Agate - C
Health Promotion Evaluation Granite - A
Evaluating Large Research Initiatives in Health Granite - B
An Association to Improve Evaluation of Development Aid Granite - C
Is it Possible to Avoid the “Everything but the Kitchen Sink” Online Survey? Quartz - A
Teaching Evaluation to Working Professionals: A Hybrid Approach Quartz - B


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