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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 8, 1:20 PM to 2:50 PM

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Session Title
Systems Oriented Tools and Methods in Public Agency Evaluations: Three Case Studies Centennial - A
Evaluating Regression Models: Understanding and Using Regression Diagnostics to Improve your Analyses Centennial - B
Perspectives on Evaluation Policy and Use From State Policy Makers in Education Centennial - C
Research on Program Evaluation Theory and Practice: Overviews and Critiques of Exemplars Centennial - D
Developing Multicultural Evaluators Centennial - E
Psyching out the Situation: Cultural Auditing and Environmental Mapping for Collaborative Needs Assessment Centennial - F
Evaluation Policy for Extension Education Centennial - G
Methods and Techniques for Analyzing, Measuring, and Valuing the Impact of Intellectual Property Assets: A Focus on Patents Derived From Federal Research Funding Centennial - H
Best of the Worst Practices: What Every New Evaluator Should Know and Avoid in Evaluation Practice Mineral - A
Structural Equation Modeling: The Essential Concepts Mineral - B
Rigor and Creativity in Methods for Human Service Evaluations Mineral - C
Collaboration and Evaluation Capacity Building Mineral - D
Evaluating Program Sustainability: Definitions, Methods, and Evaluation Dilemmas Mineral - E
Evaluations of Professional Development in Education: When 'Leave Them Smiling' Is Not Enough Mineral - F
Empowerment Evaluation Training: One Method Isn't Enough (Multiple Perspectives on Building Capacity - Funder, Grantee, and Evaluator) Mineral - G
Considering Ethical Relationships When Conducting Qualitative Evaluations Agate - B
Models of Funder Evaluation Policy and Practice Agate - C
Local Schools in the Context of No Child Left Behind: The Challenges of Adequate Yearly Progress Granite - A
Developing Evaluation Capacity Among Partners and Grantees: Innovative Tools and Approaches - Examples From the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Granite - B
M&E Training in Other Countries: Adapting Training to Local Cultures Granite - C
Roundtable Rotation I: Get the Kinks Out: A Pilot Implementation of an Online Student Assessment Tool

Roundtable Rotation II: The Transformative Power of Participatory Evaluation: Facilitating the Growth of a School District From a Traditional Bureaucracy to a Learning Organization
Quartz - A
Roundtable Rotation I: Building Partnerships: Lessons Learned From Designing and Implementing a Cross-Project Evaluation With K-12, University, and State-Level Mathematics and Science Educators

Roundtable Rotation II: Using Theory of Change Models When Evaluating Complex Initiatives
Quartz - B


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