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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 8, 9:50 AM to 10:35 AM

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Session Title
Evaluation of Statewide Special Education Initiatives Current Practices and Future Policies? Centennial - A
Evaluation of A Peer Mediated Health Education Program: A Demonstration of Regression Discontinuity Design Centennial - B
From Identification of Major Challenges to Evaluation to Proactively Influencing Evaluation Policies: A Compilation of the Findings From a Series of Think Tanks Centennial - C
Planning for Evaluation’s Future: Undergraduate Students’ Interest in Program Evaluation Centennial - D
Using Technology to Push the Boundaries of Theory-Driven Evaluation Science: Implications for Policy and Practice Centennial - E
Tobacco Prevention and Control Cost-Benefit and Impact Analysis: The Wyoming Experience Centennial - F
Evaluation-Guided Course Design and Delivery Centennial - G
Comparative Environmental Risk Assessment: A Practical and Applied Method Centennial - H
Cell Phone Technology: Exploiting the Possibilities -- Not Lamenting the Past Mineral - A
Social Network Analysis 101: A Brief Demonstration Mineral - B
Evaluating Policy Efforts Through Systems and Organization Theories Mineral - C
Engaging the Client When Mandates Drive Client Participation Mineral - D
Putting Methods into Practice: Case Examples of Advocacy Evaluation Mineral - E
Report Automation Using Visual Basic Mineral - F
International University Evaluations Agate - B
Evaluating Nationally and Locally: What Can Evaluators do to Create Evaluation Policies in National Nonprofit Networks Composed of Autonomous Local Organizations? Agate - C
Designing Responsive Coalition Evaluations Without a Stakeholder Road Map Granite - A
Evaluating Large Transdisciplinary Initiatives: The Use of Bibliometric Techniques to Assess the Quality and Quantity of Research Productivity Granite - B
Measurement and Data Quality in South Africa Granite - C


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