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Session Schedule for: Saturday, Nov 8, 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

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Session Title
Making Evaluation and Research Universally Accessible Centennial - A
Creating Excellent Data Graphs for Everyday Evaluation Products Centennial - B
Envisioning Culturally Responsive Evaluation Policy: Perspectives From the United States and New Zealand Centennial - C
Evaluation Policy and Practice in Government Settings Centennial - D
When Community Passions and Personal Callings Meet Empiricism: Exploring the Interpersonal Side of Program Evaluation Policy Shifts Centennial - E
Techniques and Strategies to Increase Participation in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centennial - F
Course-Evaluation Designs II: Faculty Perspectives on Practices and Continuing Development Centennial - G
Engaging Stakeholders in the Scientific Enterprise: Using Concept Mapping for Research Priority Setting and Participatory Evaluation Centennial - H
Assessment and Improvement of Government Agency Collaboration for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Mineral - A
Randomized Control Trials: Regression Discontinuity and a Poor Relative Mineral - B
Distance Education: Course and Program Level Evaluation Mineral - C
Working Together to Enhance the Quality of Science and Math Education Evaluations: GK-12 Project Evaluations Mineral - D
Internal Review Boards (IRB) Place in the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sector: Are Foundations and the Vulnerable Populations They Serve at Risk? Mineral - E
On the Outside Looking In: Lessons From the Field for External Evaluators Mineral - F
Federal Policy and Grass-Roots Practice: Explaining and implementing federal performance measurement (evaluation) policy requirements through self-help guides Mineral - G
Multisite Evaluations: Challenges, Methods, and Approaches in Public Health Agate - B
Do Schools Know Best? A Foundation Explores the Question Agate - C
Evaluating Math Science Partnership Projects in New York State: Finding Evidence and Documenting Results Granite - A
Various Approaches to Evaluating Provision of Health Care Services Granite - B
Evaluation Education in Diverse Countries Granite - C
What Can You Tell in the Short Term? Quartz - A
Evaluating Health Messages: Using Laptops and Embedded Messages to Assess Anti-drug Messages Quartz - B


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