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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 7, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

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Session Title
Evaluation Education, Policy, Culture, and Practice in Brazil Capitol - 1
Peer Reviews for Independent Consultants: New Peer Reviewer Orientation Capitol - 2
Building Evaluation Capacity for Environmental Programs Capitol - 3
Basic Considerations in Theory-Based Evaluations Capitol - 4
How to Publish an Article in the American Journal of Evaluation: Guidance for First-Time Authors Capitol - 5
Learning Focused Evaluation: Three Perspectives on Leadership Development Capitol - 6
Course-Evaluation Designs I: Improvement Oriented Practices Capitol - 7
Roundtable Rotation I: Broadening Participation and Building Capacity Among Future Scientists: An Evaluation Internship for Undergraduates

Roundtable Rotation II: Using Problem-based Learning to Anchor Theory to Real-World Problems
Addressing Complex Sampling Issues in Evaluation Analyses Sandstone
Roundtable Rotation I: Using Evaluation as a Professional Development Strategy in Arts Education

Roundtable Rotation II: Evaluating Aesthetic Development, Engagement, Expression, and Representation Outcomes in Inclusive Museum/School Partnerships
Closing the Loop From Data to Action: How Evaluation Feeds Program Improvement Centennial - A
Fitting the Design to the Context: Examples of Innovative Evaluation Designs Centennial - B
Influencing Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice: A Progress Report From AEA's Evaluation Policy Task Force Centennial - C
CC3: Lessons Learned From the Evaluation of Three Comprehensive Centers Mineral - A
Techniques for Facilitating Evaluation Learning Among Non-Evaluators Mineral - B
Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting and Think Tank: Supporting New Indigenous Evaluators: How can Experienced Indigenous Evaluators Build Capacity in the Field through Work With New and Aspiring Indigenous Evaluators? What Issues and Challenges Do We Face? Mineral - C
Making Lemonade: Taking Advantage of Federal Government Performance Results Act (GPRA) Reporting Requirements in Evaluation Mineral - D
Sustainability and Organizational Capacity Assessment: Tools and Strategies Mineral - E
Sharing the Load: Team Writing in Qualitative Research Mineral - F
Evaluating Community Capacity Building and Community Engagement in Public Health Research Mineral - G
Intermingling Diverse Perspectives on Evaluation Policy in a Non-profit Organization Slate
New Evaluator "How-to-Session": Conducting Your Evaluation Agate - B
Evaluating Special Education Teachers and Programs Agate - C
Strategies for Evaluating Program Development and Professional Improvement Granite - A
Developing Evaluation Policy in Various Health Settings Granite - B
Perspectives, Power, and Policy Through a Feminist Lens Granite - C
Useful Interactive Strategic Planning Tools for Nonprofit Evaluators Quartz - A
Roundtable Rotation I: Internal and External Evaluation Issues: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Roundtable Rotation II: What Are the Best Practices to Use in Evaluating Initiatives to Increase the Diversity of the Scientific and Technical Workforce?
Quartz - B
Evaluation of Multi-Site Health Programs 102 in CCC
Examination of the Role of Evaluation in Denver's Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness: A Review of Evaluation on Policy and Practice 104 in CCC
Setting Conditions for Meaningful Evaluation: Human Systems Dynamics Theory as a Lens for Program Theory and Theory of Change 106 in CCC
Out of Africa: Evaluation Case Studies 108 in CCC
Evaluation Challenges of Studying Inmates in Supermax Confinement 110 in CCC
Meeting Challenges of Evaluating and Sustaining Research Centers and Institutes 112 in CCC
Measurement: Issue and Methods 103 in CCC
Evaluating Systems Change Efforts 105 in CCC
Program Theory in Complex Evaluations 107 in CCC
Collaborative Evaluation Communities In Urban Schools: How Hierarchical Educational Policies Shape Its Implementation 109 in CCC
Evaluating Math and Science Instruction 111 in CCC
Evolution of evaluation checklists: From Creation to Validation 113 in CCC


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