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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 7, 3:25 PM to 4:10 PM

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Session Title
International Participatory Evaluation Capitol - 1
Our Lives in Evaluation: AEA Members' Descriptions of Their Evaluation Work Capitol - 2
The Evaluation of "Green Buildings" Capitol - 3
Towards an Evolutionary Approach to Evaluating Policies and Programs: Moving Beyond Policies and Programs as the Unit of Analysis Capitol - 4
Getting Published in New Directions for Evaluation Capitol - 5
Credible Cultural Competence: Stakeholder Perceptions of Sociocultural Characteristics and Superficial Competency Strategies Capitol - 6
Government Evaluation TIG Business Meeting Capitol - 7
The Mississippi Delta Children’s Partnership: The Power of Capacity Building to Educate Children Limestone
Re-framing a Deficit-based Evaluation Context Into an Asset-based Evaluation Approach Sandstone
An Examination of the Link Between Professional Development, Teacher Learning, and Student Outcomes Marble
Accounting for Evaluation Readiness and Program Evaluability in Building a Membership Organization's Capacity to Conduct Outcome Assessment Centennial - A
Alternative Methods for Analyzing Longitudinal Data: Moving Beyond Hierarchical Linear Models (HLM) and Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Centennial - B
Theoretical and Practical Considerations in National Evaluation Policies: The Case of the Netherlands Centennial - C
The Impact of Experimental Designs and Alternative "Evidence" Sources Centennial - F
Tools to Measure Youth Camping Outcomes Centennial - G
Using the Cyber-Infrastructure to Build Evaluation Capacity Mineral - A
Needs and Methodologies in Various Contexts: Community, School, and International Mineral - B
Power to the People: Engaging Communities in Advocacy Evaluation Mineral - C
Using the Getting to Outcomes (GTO) Model for Systems Change Within Child and Family Mental Health Services Mineral - D
Practical Methodology for Evaluating Advocacy Efforts Mineral - E
Using NVivo to Improve Rigor in Evaluation Mineral - F
Stakeholder Involvement in the Development of a Multi-Purpose Evaluation System for a Public Mental Health System Mineral - G
Differentiating Terms of Art and Building Infrastructure for Systems Assessment Slate
Evaluating Organizational Capacity of Disaster and Emergency Management Organizations Agate - B
Are States' K-12 Assessment Policies Inclusive? Using Established Principles and Characteristics to Find Out Agate - C
Evaluating Integrated Intervention Models: Response to Intervention (RtI) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Granite - A
Evaluating Development Programs: A Health Impact Assessment Approach Granite - B
Effectiveness of Evaluation From the Perspective of Outcomes on Research Units and Research-supportive and Administrative Departments in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Granite - C
Evaluating and Empowering Agricultural Workers: The Poder Popular Experience in California Quartz - A
Starting Out Right: Laying the Foundation for Knowledge Management Program Implementation and Subsequent Evaluation With a Well-Designed Needs Assessment Quartz - B
Adapting the State Plan Index Tool: The Purpose, Process, Product and Application 102 in CCC
Current Approaches and Issues in Child Welfare Evaluations 104 in CCC
Addressing Complexity in Educational Program Evaluation: Focusing on Intent 106 in CCC
International Evaluation Standards and Policies 108 in CCC
Improving Evaluation Design and Methods: Examples for Research Programs 112 in CCC
Building Practices: A Framework for Determining the Fit of Network Analysis in Evaluation 103 in CCC
Redefining The Way We Give 105 in CCC
Children's Programs in Multidisciplinary Settings 107 in CCC
Organizational Implementation of an Evaluation Policy: A Local Health Department Perspective 109 in CCC
A Series of Evaluations of the Core-Plus Mathematics Curriculum: Methods, Results, and Issues 111 in CCC
Readability Testing: Simple Skill Often Forgotten 113 in CCC


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