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Session Schedule for: Wednesday, Nov 5, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

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Session Title
An Evaluation Capacity Building Cafe: Conversations With 17 Evaluators Centennial - A
Social Network Analysis for Evaluation of Institutional Culture Centennial - B
A Portfolio of Federal Evaluation Policy Case Studies Centennial - C
The Higher Education Assessment Agenda: Focusing on Student Learning Outcomes Mineral - A
Creating a Culture of Process Improvement in the Human Services: South Carolina T.E.A.C.H. Project Experience Mineral - B
Online Evaluation Resources: Knowledge Sharing for the Field Mineral - C
Picture This: Using Images to Gather and Communicate Evaluation Data Mineral - D
Evaluating the Impact of Spending: A Foundation Case Study in Performance Assessment Mineral - E
Methods for Assessing Program Impacts on Student Performance Mineral - F
Collaborating With Clients and Competitors in Education Evaluation Mineral - G
Measuring Student Achievement: Issues and Implications for Educational Evaluation Granite - A
Out of the Crossfire: Challenges in Evaluating a Hospital-based Violence Intervention Initiative Granite - B
Formative Program Assessment: Practical Implications for 80,000 New Teachers in California Granite - C
Roundtable Rotation I: The Impact of the Government Performance and Results Act (1993) on Accountability in Cooperative Extension Program Evaluation

Roundtable Rotation II: Shared Impact Indicators to Aggregate Program Impacts Across Multiple States
Quartz - A
Roundtable Rotation I: The Consultantís Conundrum: What if You are so Successful at Building Your Clientís Evaluation Capacity That You Build Yourself Out of a Job?

Roundtable Rotation II: The Challenges of Being an Owner/President/Entrepreneur of an Evaluation Firm: Juggling the Business in a Research Environment and the Research in a Business Environment
Quartz - B
Evaluating Health Programs: Voices and Perspectives From New and Experienced Evaluators 102 in CCC
Building a Bridge Between Evaluation and Public Policy Worlds 104 in CCC
Evaluating Private Sector Development in Developing Countries: Factoring in Risk and Multilateral Development Bank 'Additionality' 108 in CCC
Towards A Better PART: Re-analysis of Random Assignment National Evaluation of Upward Bound- Bayesian Techniques for Academic Competitiveness and SMART Grant Program; and Regression Discontinuity for Small Grants Evaluation 110 in CCC
Evaluating Public Health Research Centers: Assessing the Value-Added 112 in CCC
Design: Methods and Issues 103 in CCC
Moving From Ideas to Action: Measuring Foundation Impact 105 in CCC
Contrary to Expectations: When Evaluators have Bad News to Share 107 in CCC
New Evaluator "How-to-Session": Methods in Evaluation 109 in CCC
Habits of Mind: Promoting Evaluative Thinking 111 in CCC
Cultural Responsive Evaluation Leaders: Toward Transforming and Adapting Communities for Public Good 113 in CCC


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