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Session Schedule for: Friday, Nov 7, 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM

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Session Title
Evaluation Policy in the Changing United States Government Foreign Assistance Community Capitol - 1
Communicating With Clients: An interactive demonstration of Do's and Don'ts for Evaluators Capitol - 2
Policy and Practice Implications of a Multi-faceted Approach to Building Evaluation Capacity in Community Colleges Capitol - 3
Shaping Policy and Practice: Evaluative Contributions to the delivery of Education Technology and Professional Development in Jordan Capitol - 4
The AEA Town Hall Meeting: Internal Scan Findings, Policy Governance, Actions, and Next Steps Capitol - 5
The Science and Art of Creating Evaluation Standards That Stand the Test Capitol - 6
Use of Indicators, Screeners, and Scaling Methods in Substance Use and Mental Health Evaluations Capitol - 7
Roundtable Rotation I: Blogging to the Beat of a New Drum: The Use of Blogs and Web Analytics in Evaluation

Roundtable Rotation II: Voicethread: A New Way to Evaluate
Roundtable Rotation I: Painting a Picture of Evaluating Trainee Needs: Content and Experience With Training Methodologies

Roundtable Rotation II: Measuring Impact Beyond the Training Room: Executive Leaders Training Program Evaluation
Roundtable Rotation I: Measuring Changes in Teachers’ Mathematical Conceptual Understanding for Evaluation of Math-Science Partnership Professional Development Effectiveness

Roundtable Rotation II: Developing Higher Education Institution and University Partnerships in Reform of Science and Mathematics Education: A Three-Year Evaluation Study
Innovation, Complex Research Teams and Problems of Integration: The Missing Link Centennial - A
Core Quantitative Issues: New Developments in Outcome Measures Centennial - B
Funder Evaluation Policy: Setting the Stage for Evaluation Practice and Use Centennial - C
Methodology and Tools for Assessing the Quality of Evidence Centennial - F
Excellence in Extension Evaluation: Views From Extension Education Evaluation Topical Interest Group Award Winners Centennial - G
'Expected Value of Perfect Information' in Health Economic Evaluation Centennial - H
Case Studies in Evaluation: United States Federal Agencies - Part 1 Mineral - A
A Non-Technical Introduction to Analysis of Variance and Linear Regression Mineral - B
Community Organizing Evaluation: Crossing the Next Frontier Mineral - C
Services, Quality, and Outcomes in Mental Health and Substance Use Evaluations Mineral - D
Non-Profit Evaluation: Methods, Policies, and Practices Mineral - E
It's About the Relationship! Crosscutting Organizational policies That support Program Evaluation and Institutional Learning in Social Services. Mineral - F
Collaborative Evaluations: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Mineral - G
Roundtable Rotation I: Issues, Challenges and Solutions of Evaluating International Scholars/Participants Training in the United States

Roundtable Rotation II: Evaluating the Impacts of Bolsa Escola Programs on Student Performance in Brazil
Conducting Evaluation With a Focus on Stakeholders Agate - B
Evaluation Policy and Practice: Its Impact on African American Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Agate - C
Evaluating Early Childhood Programs: Methodological Challenges and Lessons Learned Granite - A
HIV/AIDS Prevention at the Community Level: Innovative Evaluation Approaches Granite - B
Evaluation Apprenticeship: Teaching Evaluation by Doing Granite - C
Evaluation: What Stakeholders Don't Know Can Hurt Evaluation Quartz - A
Portfolio Planning and Evaluation: Advancing Knowledge and Practice Quartz - B
Reviving the Evaluability Assessment (EA) Method: EAs of Interventions to Prevent Childhood Obesity 102 in CCC
Evaluation Policy and Training Evaluation in Child Welfare 104 in CCC
Evaluating Programs in Times of Complexity and Chaos 106 in CCC
Evaluation Strategies and Assessment in the Arts 108 in CCC
Modeling the Logic and Measuring the Performance of Government Programs 110 in CCC
Alternative Approaches to Strategic Management and Ex Ante Assessment of Portfolios of Research Programs 112 in CCC
Process Use-Methods and Measures 105 in CCC
Communities in Schools (CIS) Evaluations 107 in CCC
Strengthening Effective Implementation of Evidence-Based Interventions through Innovative Evaluation Tools and Approaches 109 in CCC
The Challenges of Conducting Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Small-Budget Evaluations of Teacher Professional Development Programs: The Case of Teaching American History Grants 111 in CCC
Evaluation Planning Incorporating Context (EPIC): A Model and Case Examples of Practice 113 in CCC


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