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Session Schedule for: Thursday, Nov 6, 3:35 PM to 4:20 PM

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Session Title
Capacity Mapping Initiative: Evaluating Organizational Growth in the Former Soviet Union Capitol - 1
Music to My Ears: Alternative Approaches for Presenting Evaluation Findings Capitol - 3
Leadership Recruitment and the Road to the American Evaluation Association Board of Directors Capitol - 4
Introduction to Evaluation and Public Policy Capitol - 5
Behind the Scenes in AEA: The Process of Conducting the AEA Internal Scan Capitol - 6
Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health TIG Business Meeting Capitol - 7
Using Coaching Techniques in Logic Model Development to Help Clients Think Clearly Limestone
Extension Volunteers as Program Evaluators: Extension Evaluation Capacity Sandstone
Evaluating Customer Purchasing Behavior of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Marble
Measuring the Effects of Organizational Capacity Building in Israeli Social Change Nonprofits Centennial - A
Summative Confidence: The Mathematical Algorithm Centennial - B
Reflections About New Research on University-based Evaluation Training Programs: Implications for Policy and Practice Centennial - C
Evaluating in the Face of Uncertainty: Anticipation and Agility to Improve Evaluation Quality Centennial - D
Teaching Evaluation: Building Skills in Both Evaluators and Stakeholders Centennial - E
Research on Evaluation TIG Business Meeting Centennial - F
Using Internet-Based Enumeration Surveys to Collect Post-Training Implementation Data Centennial - G
Informing Policy Actions With Cost/Benefit Evaluation Synthesis Centennial - H
Collaborating With Information Technology Personnel: How Technology Can Improve Evaluation Designs Mineral - A
Foundations for Evaluating Staff Development: Principles into Practice Mineral - B
Striving for Alignment: One Funder's Lessons in Supporting Advocacy Mineral - C
Three Essential C's of Data Collection: Collaboration, Coordination, and Communication in a Multi-Site Evaluation Mineral - D
Evaluation Managers and Supervisors TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Managing Evaluation: Mediating Evaluation Policy and Evaluation Practice Mineral - E
Pretty Data: Building a Data-Engaged Culture through User-Friendly Electronic Charting Tools Mineral - F
Innovative Approaches to Engaging Residents in all Phases of a Participatory Action Research Project Mineral - G
Evaluation of the Life Stories Outreach Program Slate
Complex Challenges in Evaluating Advocacy: Internal Governance Structures and Public Policy Dispute Resolutions Agate - B
Evaluating Community Policing at the Local Level Granite - A
Mass Media Health Campaign Evaluations Granite - B
New Tools for Analyzing Satisfaction Surveys Granite - C
Using Participatory Evaluation to Help Parents Redefine Success for Students and Schools Quartz - A
Modeling up: The Application of Logic Modeling to Strategic Evaluation Planning Quartz - B
Adapting Qualitative Techniques to Enhance Your Quantitative Evaluations of Community Based Health Interventions 102 in CCC
Using Program Evaluation to Make Curricula Resource Decisions 104 in CCC
Improving the Collection, Analysis, and Reporting of Survey Data 106 in CCC
Evaluation in Countries Affected by Conflict 108 in CCC
Evaluation Policy: Current Issues, Potential Impacts, and Future Directions 110 in CCC
Discussing Approaches to Evaluating a Multifocused Suite of Energy Programs at Natural Resources Canada 112 in CCC
Social and Neural Networks 103 in CCC
Real-Time Evaluation in Real Life 105 in CCC
Issues in Multisite, Multilevel Evaluations of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Programs 107 in CCC
Leveraging Technology to Support Current Student and Reach Alumni 113 in CCC


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