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Session Schedule for : Thursday, November 8, 1:55 PM to 3:25 PM

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Session Title
Learning Systems and Systems of Learning in Practice International Ballroom A
Distributed Leadership & Social Network Analysis in K-12 Education International Ballroom B
Evaluation From a Self-organizing Versus Predictive Systems Perspective: Examples From the Field International Ballroom C
Building Evaluation Capacity in Youth Serving Organizations for Bullying Prevention International Ballroom D
Looking Inside the Research Center Black Box: Using Evaluation Research to Promote Organizational Effectiveness of Scientific Research Centers International Ballroom E
Organizational Learning and Evaluation Capacity Building TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Learning and Meaning in Organizations: How Evaluation Stops the DRIP Liberty Ballroom Section A
Cost and Sustainability Checklists: Theory and Practice Liberty Ballroom Section B
Evaluating Department of Justice Faith and Community-Based Initiatives That Serve Victims of Crime Mencken Room
Connecting People and Nature: Models of Environmental Education Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Evaluating Policy and Advocacy Organizations Through Short Term Measures of Organizational Capacity Carroll Room
Making Health Evaluation More Culturally Competent Using Mixed Methods and Case Studies Pratt Room, Section A
Evaluation to Promote Collective and Individual Learning: Applications in the Human Services Pratt Room, Section B
Feminist Evaluation and Accreditation Efforts: What Standards? Douglas Boardroom
Technological Tools That Build Evaluation Capacity: The Power of Blogs, Clickers and Web-based Customized Reports Hopkins Room
Learning From Each “Other”: Should The Cultural Characteristics of the Evaluator Match the Cultural Characteristics of the Population of Interest? Peale Room
Learning Through Practice: Developing Evaluation Knowledge Across Settings Adams Room
Roundtable Rotation I: Cozy Up and Read With Us at the Book Café: An Evaluation of a Middle School Mentor/Mentee Literacy Program

Roundtable Rotation II: Fostering Learning for All Stakeholders: Lessons From an Evaluation of the Historical Literacy Project
Jefferson Room
Outbreaks: How Do You Evaluate Responses to the Unexpected? Washington Room
Learning From Each Other: Cross-cutting Issues and Opportunities D'Alesandro Room
Innovative Approaches to Impact Assessments Calhoun Room
Indigenizing Approaches to Evaluation in American Indian, First Nations, and Native Hawaiian Communities McKeldon Room
Collaborative Evaluations: A Step-by-Step Model for the Evaluator Preston Room
Evaluation Managers and Supervisors TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Managing Evaluation: Towards a Text for Practitioners Schaefer Room
Evaluation, Learning, and Training in Business Industry Settings Calvert Ballroom Salon B
Putting Your Program Logic Model to Use Calvert Ballroom Salon C
Evaluation Specialists: How Those who Evaluate Cooperative Extension Services and Other Educational Organizations Define and Design Their Job Calvert Ballroom Salon E
Weaving Collaborative Learning Principles into a Multi-dimensional Evaluation of an Early Learning Partnership Fairmont Suite
Using Mixed Methods to Evaluate the North Carolina Disadvantage Student Supplement Fund (DSSF) on Academically Disadvantaged Students Federal Hill Suite
LGBT TIG Business Meeting and Think Tank: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex Issues and Queer Theory in Evaluation: Planning a Proposal to New Directions for Evaluation Royale Board Room
Small Wins are Winsome: Aggregating Learning From Small Evaluations Into Systems Change Royale Conference Foyer
Lessons Learned Through Building Capacity in Collaborative Evaluation in the Field of Education Hanover Suite B
Measurement to Improve Precision and Validity of Evaluation Outcomes Baltimore Theater
Patient Preferences for Treatment: Correlates and Impact International Room
Evaluating Student Learning Outcomes Chesapeake Room
Exploring Innovation and Process in Arts Evaluation Versailles Room


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