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Session Schedule for : Thursday, November 8, 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM

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Session Title
Learning Practical Knowledge Through the Study of Cases International Ballroom A
Practicing What we Preach: Exploring the Transformative Potential of Evaluation Processes International Ballroom B
Incorporating Technological Innovations in Data Collection International Ballroom C
Models of Evaluation Use and Influence in Social and Educational Services International Ballroom D
Evaluation Training: Developing Professionals International Ballroom E
Evaluation Capacity Building Unplugged Liberty Ballroom Section A
Professional Status for Evaluators: Canadian and American Views Liberty Ballroom Section B
Exploring the Implications of the Administration of Aging's Performance Outcomes Measures Project for Evaluators Mencken Room
Evaluation in Education Edgar Allen Poe Room†
Foundation Policy Change Efforts: Internal and External Evaluation Strategies Carroll Room
Conducting Large Scale Evaluations of Federal Cancer Control Programs Pratt Room, Section A
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Community Prevention Coalitions: An Interim Report on the Evaluation of the Drug-free Communities Support Program Pratt Room, Section B
Roundtable Rotation I: A Time Sequencing Evaluation Technique for Exercise Evaluation

Roundtable Rotation II: Linking Monitoring, Evaluation and Internal Audit in International Emergency Response to Increase Effectiveness
Douglas Boardroom
Exchange Outcome Assessment Linkage System (E-GOALS): A United Sates Department of State Web-Based Approach to Assessing the Performance of International Educational Programs Hopkins Room
Building a Framework for Public Diplomacy Evaluations: Lessons Learned and Best Practices in Public Diplomacy Evaluation Peale Room
Macro-level and Micro-level Methodologies for Evaluating Education System Functioning in Afghanistan Adams Room
Roundtable Rotation I: Authentic Demand and Sustainable Community Change: Testing a Theory and Making the Case

Roundtable Rotation II: Maximizing Learning From Evaluation Findings for Diverse Stakeholders in a Community Capacity-building Initiative
Jefferson Room
Evaluating a State Comprehensive Cancer Control Program: Planning, Implementation and Initial Results Washington Room
The Contribution of Evaluation to Building the Capacity of Indigenous, Not for Profit Organizations in New Zealand: Implementation of the Child, Youth and Family Provider Development Fund D'Alesandro Room
Evaluation Reports: Reframing the Concept for the Real World Calhoun Room
Reflections and Recommendations Concerning Culturally Competent Evaluation McKeldon Room
Reflective Inquiry Into Learning Through Evaluation Practice Preston Room
Sharing, Defining Ethics and Rejections on Training Schaefer Room
State and Local Public Health Emergency Preparedness: Evaluation at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Expands Focus on Capacities to Include Outcomes Calvert Ballroom Salon B
Evaluation Contracts: Considerations, Clauses, and Concerns Calvert Ballroom Salon C
Locating Evidence of Research-based Extension Education Programs Calvert Ballroom Salon E
Evaluating Teacher Professional Development Fairmont Suite
Evaluating Schools and Processes Within Schools Federal Hill Suite
Research Evaluation of the Upcoming Europeans Unionís Framework Programme Royale Board Room
Evaluating the Cultural Competence of Substance abuse and Mental Health Services: Policy, Technology, and Practice Royale Conference Foyer
Empowerment Evaluations: Insights, Reflections, and Implications Hanover Suite B
Quantitative Methods: Theory and Design TIG Business Meeting and Presentation - Theory Soup for the Quantitative Soul Baltimore Theater
Quality Counts: Becoming Bilingual in Quality Improvement and Evaluation in Human Services and Health Care Settings International Room
Mainstreaming and Supporting Needs Assessment in a Large Organization Chesapeake Room
Multi-year Evaluation of the Arts Education Reform Efforts in South Carolina Versailles Room


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