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Session Schedule for : Saturday, November 10, 9:35 AM to 10:20 AM

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Session Title
Teaching About Evaluation: Methods With an Admixture of Epistemology and Ontology International Ballroom A
Evaluation in the Context of High Stakes Assessments International Ballroom B
What Have We Learned About Evaluation Principles and Practice in International Non-governmental Organizations? International Ballroom C
Stakeholder Identification and Assessment in Nonprofit Organizations and Public Agencies Liberty Ballroom Section A
Identifying Critical Processes and Outcomes Across Evaluation Approaches: Empowerment, Practical Participatory, Transformative, and Utilization-focused Liberty Ballroom Section B
Thinking About Systems Thinking Mencken Room
Engaging Communities in Disaster and Emergency Management Planning, Education, and Evaluation Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Story Bank: Learning through Story-telling Carroll Room
Approaches to Evaluation in Social work settings Pratt Room, Section A
Retention in a Longitudinal Outcomes Study: Exploring Two Sides of the Same Coin, Who Asks and Who Answers Pratt Room, Section B
Evaluation and the Institutional Review Board (IRB): A Tale of Two Cities Douglas Boardroom
The Theory Based Models as a Guide to Stakeholder Collaboration, Ownership, and Engagement Hopkins Room
Fighting Poverty: What Works? Running Randomized Evaluations of Poverty Programs in Developing Countries Peale Room
Starting Out Right: How to Begin Evaluating Community Organizing, Advocacy, and Policy Change Efforts Using a Prospective Approach Adams Room
Overcoming Mountains and Valleys: Examining the Dynamics of Evaluation With Underserved Populations Jefferson Room
Coalitions and Participatory Approaches in Health Partnership Evaluations Washington Room
Tying it Together: Developing a Web-based Data Collection System for a Multi-site Tobacco Initiative D'Alesandro Room
Contextuality in Needs Assessment: Attention to Divergent Needs Calhoun Room
Online Evaluation Systems: One-stop Shops for Administrators, Managers, and Evaluators? McKeldon Room
Assessing Strategic Alignment of Learning in Organizations Where Profits are Not the Bottom Line Preston Room
Building Local Evaluation Capacity in K-12 Settings Schaefer Room
Methodological Challenges and Solutions for Business and Industry Evaluators Calvert Ballroom Salon B
Get Those Data off the Shelf and Into Action: Encouraging Utilization Through Innovative Reporting Strategies Calvert Ballroom Salon C
Do Serious Design Flaws Compromise the Objectivity and Credibility of the Office of Management and Budget's Program Assessment Rating Tool (PART) Evaluation Process? Calvert Ballroom Salon E
Linking Smaller Learning Communities to Student Achievement and Related Outcomes Measures Fairmont Suite
Higher Education Assessment and Evaluation in a Context of Use and Policy Development Federal Hill Suite
Evaluation as an Agent of Program Change: An Example From Austria Royale Board Room
Leaving No Stone Unturned: Examining the Evaluation of a Statewide Program at the Local Level Royale Conference Foyer
Consumer and Family Member Involvement in Evaluating Federally-Funded Initiatives Hanover Suite B
Increasing the Value of Items on a Measure: A Practitioner's Guide to Item Response Theory Analysis Baltimore Theater
Summative Confidence: How Accurate are Your Evaluative Conclusions? International Room
A Discussion of AEA's Evaluation Policy Initiative Versailles Room


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