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Session Schedule for : Friday, November 9, 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM

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Session Title
Evaluation as a Learning Tool: Maximizing Outcomes Using Strategic Formative Evaluation Liberty Ballroom Section A
Theories of Evaluation TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Evaluation Theory: Consolidate it, Nurture it, Learn it, and Teach it. But How? Liberty Ballroom Section B
Telling Your Program's Story: How to Collect, Create, and Deliver an Effective Success Story Mencken Room
Where Evaluation and Learning Technology Innovations Meet Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Collaborative Evaluations: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned Carroll Room
Making Sense of Mobility: Household Survey Data From Comprehensive Community Initiatives, Implications for Evaluation and Theory Pratt Room, Section A
Success Measures: Learning From Community Development Results Through Participation, Common Tools, Shared Data Pratt Room, Section B
Roundtable Rotation I: Developing a Conceptual Framework for Evaluating Policy Change

Roundtable Rotation II: Development of an Outcome Monitoring System for Mental Health Programs in a Large Regional Health Authority
Douglas Boardroom
Building Capacity for Evaluation: A Tale of Four National Youth Development Organizations Hopkins Room
Peer Reviews for Independent Consultants: New Peer Reviewer Orientation Peale Room
Lessons Learned: Wrapping up our Evaluation of an Advocacy Campaign Adams Room
Roundtable Rotation I: Using a Shared On-line Database to Address Multi-partner Project Management and Evaluation Issues

Roundtable Rotation II: Instructionally Linked Versus Norm Referenced Assessments to Determine Impact Within an Even Start Program Evaluation
Jefferson Room
Conducting Multi-method Evaluations D'Alesandro Room
Applications of Multilevel Longitudinal Analysis Calhoun Room
International and Cross-Cultural TIG Business Meeting McKeldon Room
Evaluating Outcomes for Young Children With Disabilities: Issues at the National, State, and Local Levels Preston Room
Deliverables as a Tool to Promote and Support Organizational Learning: Client-centered Strategies for Data Collection and Reporting Schaefer Room
Living and Learning Evaluation: Teaching Evaluation Through Visual, Narrative and Performative Practice Calvert Ballroom Salon B
Evaluation in Federal Agencies: What Shapes It, and How Could the American Evaluation Association be Part of the "What"? Calvert Ballroom Salon C
Evaluation Within Partnerships: Working With Community Groups Calvert Ballroom Salon E
Evaluations of Reading and Literacy Programs Fairmont Suite
Roundtable Rotation I: An Evaluation of Ten Years of Progress in an Autistic Impaired Preschool Program

Roundtable Rotation II: Conducting Successful Field Research in School-based Settings
Federal Hill Suite
Issues in Doing Randomized Trials in Educational Evaluation Royale Board Room
Recovery/Resilience, Trajectories, Co-occurring Disorders, and Real Time Program Evaluation Royale Conference Foyer
Diverse Approaches to Evaluative Inquiry in Higher Education Hanover Suite B
Learning From Evaluation in Service of Social Justice: Who learns? What is Learned? And Why Does it Matter? Baltimore Theater
Measuring Fidelity and Assessing Impact of Service Interventions in Ohio's Title IV-E Waiver Evaluation International Room
Using Systems Tools to Understand Multi-site Program Evaluation Chesapeake Room
Challenges and Opportunities in Evaluating Publicly-Funded Programs Versailles Room


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