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Session Schedule for : Friday, November 9, 3:35 PM to 4:20 PM

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Session Title
Cost Benefit Analyses in and of Evaluation Liberty Ballroom Section A
Program Theory and Theory-driven Evaluation TIG Business Meeting and Panel: The Use of Evaluation to Promote Learning: A Theory Based Perspective Liberty Ballroom Section B
What is Systems Thinking? Mencken Room
Evaluating Online Training for Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Getting To Outcomes at the Federal, State, County, and Local Levels: Session II Carroll Room
Ex Ante Evaluation: Methods for Estimating Innovation and Other Research Outcomes Pratt Room, Section A
Needs Assessment TIG Business Meeting Pratt Room, Section B
Building Evaluative Capacity in Israeli Social Change Nonprofits Douglas Boardroom
Emerging Practitioners in an Emerging Subfield: Vexing Issues, Opportunities and Lessons Learned Hopkins Room
Evaluation Across Policy Networks: Chronic Disease, Obesity, and Community Design Adams Room
Poetic Devices for Evaluation: Found Data Poems From Interviews and Photography to Augment Qualitative Evaluation Reporting Jefferson Room
Conversation Hour With the 2007 AEA Award Winners Washington Room
Why be Normal? Nonparametric Data Analysis Methods as an Important Tool to Analyze and Draw Conclusions From Program Evaluation Data D'Alesandro Room
Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Local and Statewide Evaluation Calhoun Room
GIS and QDAS: Technological Tools That Reveal Multiple Perspectives and Unique Data Associations McKeldon Room
Evaluating an Apple When You are Among a Bunch of Bananas: Meeting Stakeholders' Needs When Everyone Has Differing (and Conflicting) Expectations Preston Room
Contextual Variables in Elementary Schools Influencing Organizational Learning and Predicting Evaluative Inquiry Schaefer Room
Magnet School Evaluation Issues Fairmont Suite
Barriers to Implementation of Program Design: An Examination of Organizational Capacity, Collaborative Relationships and Program Implementation Design Issues Federal Hill Suite
A Directory of Evaluation Methods for Managers of Public Research and Technology Programs Royale Board Room
Evaluation to Improve Coordinated Social Marketing Campaigns: Lessons From Tobacco Control Royale Conference Foyer
Using Graduate Student Assessment to Evaluate Success of Graduate Programs Hanover Suite B
Introducing Appreciative Inquiry to Evaluation Baltimore Theater
Learning Through Applied Research in Social Service Contexts International Room
Extending the Reach: Making the Most of Limited Evaluation Resources Chesapeake Room
Effectiveness and Impact of Federal Safety Risk Reduction Programs: Evaluation Experience and Lessons Learned From Three Government Agencies Efforts to Improve Industry Safety Versailles Room


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