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Session Schedule for : Friday, November 9, 10:20 AM to 11:05 AM

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Session Title
The Power of Self in Systems: Organizational Learning From Self-Determination Theory-driven Evaluations International Ballroom A
Applications of Systems Thinking to Educational Evaluation International Ballroom C
How to Write an Evaluation Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide for New Evaluators International Ballroom E
Costs are All That Matters (With Studies That Prove It): About and Beyond Cost-inclusive Evaluation Liberty Ballroom Section A
Empirical Research on Evaluation: Evidence-based Contributions to Evaluation Theory Liberty Ballroom Section B
Emergency Preparedness Standards of Acceptability for Evaluation Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Strategic Evaluation in a Public Research Institute to Contribute to Innovation Carroll Room
Introducing SAMMIE - Successful Assessment Methods and Measurement In Evaluation: A Web-based, Self-paced, Evaluation Skill Development Course Pratt Room, Section A
Intelligence Analysis: Maximizing Learning and Decision Making From Evaluations in Public and Private Sector Settings Pratt Room, Section B
No Child Left Behind Act, Logic Models and Instructional Systems Design Models: Action Research in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Music Classrooms: Case Studies in the Making Douglas Boardroom
A Collaborative Practice-based Approach to Evaluation Research Hopkins Room
Applicability and Evaluation of Model of Global Baseline Survey Adapted for Use in Bangladesh, Bolivia and Tanzania Peale Room
Assessing Advocacy: Building Evaluation Frameworks and Models That Work Adams Room
Evaluation for Public Contracts Jefferson Room
Studies Dealing With Needs Assessment and Program Development: Focus on Domestic Violence Victims and Children of the Incarcerated Washington Room
Using Democratic Evaluation Principles to Foster Citizen Engagement and Strengthen Neighborhoods in a Place-based Poverty Program D'Alesandro Room
A Method to Measure and Numerically Demonstrate the Effectiveness of a University's Planning and Evaluation Processes Calhoun Room
Making Data Accessible to Organizations, Communities, and the General Public: Designing an Interactive Graphing Website McKeldon Room
Straight Talk: Threats to Validity Caused by Heteronormative Bias in Opinion Polls Preston Room
The Role of the Leadership Recruitment Task Force to Foster Organizational Learning Within the American Evaluation Association Schaefer Room
Measuring Follow-up Support: How Critical are Those Field Consultants? Fairmont Suite
Evaluation and Learning: Accomplishing Both Through the Conduct of a Needs Assessment Federal Hill Suite
Assessing Appropriate Outcomes: Measurement Issues in Human Services Evaluation Royale Board Room
Smashing the Mental Health Atom: A Conceptual Framework to Properly Evaluate System, Service, and Clinical Practice Royale Conference Foyer
College Success Programs: Evaluating Undergraduate and Graduate Interventions Hanover Suite B
Building Capacity for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluating, and Learning among Conservation Leaders Baltimore Theater
Innovative Techniques to Assess Learning in Child Welfare Workers' Training International Room
Using NVIVO 7 in Conducting Evaluation Research Chesapeake Room
Performance Measurement and Evaluation: A Distinction With a Difference Versailles Room


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