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Session Schedule for : Thursday, November 8, 5:15 PM to 6:00 PM

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Session Title
Learning From Research on Evaluation Practices and Theories International Ballroom A
PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG Business Meeting International Ballroom B
Soft Systems and Success Case Method: A Perfect Marriage ? International Ballroom C
Evaluation Use TIG Business Meeting International Ballroom D
Research, Technology, and Development Evaluation TIG Business Meeting International Ballroom E
The Corruption of Public Evaluation: And What Should We Do About It, Collectively or Individually? Liberty Ballroom Section A
A Practitioner's Guide to Program Theory-driven Evaluation Liberty Ballroom Section B
Government Evaluation TIG Business Meeting Mencken Room
Strategic Design, Measurement, and Accountability in Environmental Program Evaluations Edgar Allen Poe Room 
Health Evaluation TIG Business Meeting and Presentation: Implementing Evidence-based Programs: A Six-step Protocol for Assuring Replication With Fidelity Pratt Room, Section A
Human Services Evaluation TIG Business Meeting Pratt Room, Section B
Strategies to Evaluate Learning in Project and Team-based Environments Douglas Boardroom
Qualitative Methods TIG Business Meeting Hopkins Room
Learning Through Evaluation: Brazilian and Other International Development Experiences Peale Room
Evaluation Skills Beyond Technical Capacities Adams Room
Lessons Learned From the Evaluation of Partnerships Between One Non-governmental Organization Within the European Union and Two Caribbean Organizations Jefferson Room
Crime and Justice TIG Business Meeting and Presentations Washington Room
Tools and Frameworks for Evaluating Social Change Philanthropy: A Case Study of an Evaluation of Responses by Women's Foundations to Hurricane Katrina D'Alesandro Room
A Demonstration of the Use of Concept Mapping as Evaluation Tool for the National Science Foundation's Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeships Program Calhoun Room
Special Needs Populations TIG Business Meeting McKeldon Room
Internal Evaluation Capacity Building Through Critical Friends and Communities of Practice Preston Room
Assessing and Improving Evaluation Staff Skills Schaefer Room
Using a Participatory Impact Assessment Approach to Measure the Effectiveness of Famine Relief and Increase Community Resiliency in Sub-Saharan Africa Calvert Ballroom Salon B
Distance Education and Other Educational Technologies TIG Business Meeting Fairmont Suite
Feminist Issues in Evaluation TIG Business Meeting Federal Hill Suite
Measuring Sexuality and Gender: Accurately Capturing Dimensions and Categories of Sexuality Royale Board Room
Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health TIG Business Meeting and Roundtable: Soldiers Returning From Combat and Higher Learning Evaluation Royale Conference Foyer
When Clients Collect Evaluation Data: Promises and Pitfalls Hanover Suite B
Increasing Evaluation Capacity: Learning From Social Network Analysis, A Review in Evaluation Baltimore Theater
Regression Discontinuity Design: Lessons Learned From a Real World Application International Room
A Foot in Each Worlds: An Evaluator in the Assessment World Chesapeake Room
Evaluating the Arts and Culture TIG Business Meeting Versailles Room


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