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Firm: Antioch University Seattle, Office for Program Evaluation
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: The AUS/OPE is an evaluation consulting service dedicated to assessing and improving efficiency and effectiveness in a broad range of human service environments including education, mental health, and government programs.
Website: http://www.antiochseattle.edu/academics/psychology/office-for-program-evaluation/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Patricia Linn, Co-Director, plinn@antioch.edu

Firm: Applied Research Northwest LLC
Location: Bellingham, WA, USA
From the Firm: Social marketing approaches to program evaluation, environmental education, social programs, statistical analysis, survey research, web surveys, mail surveys, telephone surveys, focus groups, Open Question Approach Certification, qualitative research
Website: http://www.arnorthwest.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Pamela Jull, pamela.jull@arnorthwest.com

Firm: Center for Community Health and Evaluation
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Partnership. Results. Insight. The Center for Community Health and Evaluation, part of the Group Health Research Institute, offers customized evaluation services to health-related organizations throughout the United States.
Website: http://www.cche.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Emily Bourcier, Senior Program Manager, bourcier.e@ghc.org

Firm: Center for Research and Learning
Location: Snohomish, WA, USA
From the Firm: The Center for Research and Learning is dedicated to providing quality research and evaluation services for organizations, corporations, and educational programs.
Website: http://www.crlnw.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Laura J Collins, laura.collins@crlnw.com

Firm: Center for Workforce Development, University of Washington
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Founded by Dr Suzanne G Brainard, CWD specializes in program evaluation, research, and technical assistance in higher education (undergraduate, graduate), professional/faculty development, National Science Foundation grants, with special emphasis on underrepresented groups (women, minorities) in science, engineering and technology.
Website: http://www.engr.washington.edu/cwd/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Priti Mody-Pan, Director of Evaluation; Elizabeth Litzler, Director of Research, uwcwd@u.washington.edu

Firm: Clegg & Associates
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Facilitation, training, technical assistance, program evaluation, coaching, organizational development, and planning for nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government agencies
Website: http://www.cleggassociates.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Dawn Hanson Smart, Senior Associate, dsmart@cleggassociates.com

Firm: CMS Evaluation LLC
Location: Camas, WA, USA
From the Firm: We collaborate with non-profit, education, and government agencies to plan, fund, and implement practical, data-rich evaluations. We specialize in helping organizations understand the value of evaluation to improve effectiveness and efficiency, and meet funder and stakeholder requirements
Website: http://www.cmsevaluation.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Sybille Guy, sguy@cmsevaluation.com; Mary Ellen Dello Stritto, mdellostritto@cmsevaluation.com

Firm: Cohen Research and Evaluation
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Specializing in program evaluation and organizational learning. Evaluation coaching and capacity building. Education, including higher education, and K-12, professional development training, workforce preparation, social programs, collaborations.
Website: http://www.cohenevaluation.org/Home.html
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Carolyn Cohen, Manager, cohenevaluation@seanet.com

Firm: Energy Market Innovations (EMI)
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: EMI has a broad base of expertise in the energy industry, specializing in process evaluation, market research, and strategic consulting to support the planning, design, and evaluation of energy efficiency programs.
Website: http://www.emiconsulting.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jennifer Holmes, Director, Market Research & Evaluation, jholmes@emi1.com

Firm: Evaluation & Research Associates
Location: Lynnwood, WA, USA
From the Firm: ERA specializes in program evaluation for Education (pre K- 12), professional development, National Science Foundation grants, gender equity in science, engineering and technology, informal education, and evaluation consulting.
Website: http://www.eraeval.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Vicky Ragan, vragan@eraeval.org, Carrie Liston, cliston@eraeval.org, Ginger Fitzhugh, gfitzhugh@eraeval.org, Julie Elworth, jelworth@eraeval.org, Karen Peterson, kpeterson@eraeval.org

Firm: FSG Social Impact Advisors
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: We are a nonprofit consulting firm that works with foundations, nonprofits, corporations, and governments to accelerate the pace of social progress. Our expertise is in strategy and evaluation with a focus on organizational learning, development, and change.
Website: http://www.fsg-impact.org/index.html
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Hallie Preskill, Director of Strategic Learning and Evaluation, hallie.preskill@cgu.edu

Firm: Geo Education & Research
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: We use community development and empowerment approaches to help organizations of all kinds develop and maintain sustainable evaluation systems
Website: http://www.geoeducation.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Bill Leon, President, billleon@geoeducation.org

Firm: Impact Basics
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Impact Basics operates on the belief that evaluation is most effective when it is conducted throughout a project lifecycle. We build evaluation tools into every step of a program, allowing nonprofit staff and their partners to assess the impact of their work as they go.
Website: http://www.impactbasics.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Brittany Kirk, Principal Consultant, brittanyannkirk@gmail.com

Firm: InSites
Location: Ft. Collins, CO, USA (headquarters); Hansville, WA, USA; Bakersfield, CA, USA
From the Firm: Education (preK- graduate), health, and social services evaluation; evaluation capacity building; cluster evaluation; strategic planning for systemic change; national and international
Website: http://www.insites.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Beverly Parsons, Executive Director, BeverlyAParsons@aol.com; Pat Jessup, Evaluation Associate, pat@pjessup.com

Firm: Learning and Performance Research Center, Washington State University
Location: Pullman, WA, USA
From the Firm: The LPRC provides leadership, training, consultation, and state-of-the-art solutions to challenging educational research questions at the university, state, national, and international levels. Our expertise lies in: evaluation, cognition, and psychometrics.
Website: http://education.wsu.edu/research/LPRC/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michael S Trevisan, LPRC Co-Director,trevisan@wsu.edu; Jennifer E LeBeau, LPRC Research Associate, jlebeau@wsu.edu

Firm: Marc Bolan Consulting
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Consulting in areas of program evaluation, outcome-based planning and applied social research working with non-profits and philanthropic organizations.
Website: http://www.marcbolanconsulting.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Marc Bolan - Principal, marc@marcbolanconsulting.com

Firm: MEM Consultants
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation, training, coaching and capacity building for nonprofit organizations with a focus on youth development and youth leadership; social and emotional learning; the prevention of youth violence, intimate partner violence, child and elder abuse; effective out of school time programming; arts education; and effective coalitions, networks and collaborations.
Website: http://www.memconsultants.com/index.html
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Mary Murray, Principal, admin@memconsultants.com

Firm: Office of Educational Assessment
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation, assessment, and research support services for faculty, staff, and administration from the University of Washington involved in educational programs for undergraduates, graduate students, or K-12 outreach
Website: http://www.washington.edu/oea/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Bayta Maring, Program Evaluator, baytam@u.washington.edu

Firm: Organizational Research Services (ORS)
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation services and hands-on coaching and consultation to help programs develop practical and innovative ways to use data to manage results
Website: http://www.organizationalresearch.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jane Reisman, President, jreisman@organizationalresearch.com

Firm: TrueBearing
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
From the Firm: TrueBearing blends social science insights with emerging technologies, assisting organizations to improve the quality of their decisions and message. Services include program evaluation, client surveys, data visualization, online communication strategies.
Website: http://www.truebearingevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Nathan Brown; Martin Abbott; Jessica Brown. General email: info@truebearingevaluation.com

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