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Firm: Center for Clinical and Translational Science, University of Kentucky
Location: Lexington, KY, USA
From the Firm: Experience in the implementation of quantitative and qualitative research designs, evaluation theory, data analysis, and report and grant writing.
Website: http://www.ccts.uky.edu/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Paula Plonski, plonskipm@gmail.com; Ramona Stone, ramona.stone@uky.edu

Firm: Ed Consulting LLC
Location: Lexington, KY, USA
From the Firm: We provide 20 years experience in data collection, grant and program evaluation, needs assessments, training development and facilitation. We utilize a variety of evaluative methods to support the mission of our clients. A few of our specialties include qualitative/quantitative data collection, formative and summative evaluations, field observations and report writing.
Website: http://ed-consulting.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Tom Mills, Senior Grant Writer/Evaluator, mills.tom@insightbb.com

Firm: Ed Eval LLC
Location: Lexington, KY, USA
From the Firm: We offer educational program and grant evaluation using qualitative/quantitative research methods. Expertise is shared in a professional, helpful and consultative manner - promoting evaluation to facilitate; internal capacity building, meeting U.S. Department of Education reporting requirements, & program decision-making.
Website: http://www.edevaluation.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: John Beardsley, Consultant Evaluator, ukjbeardsley@yahoo.com

Firm: Evaluation Works
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
From the Firm: Business and industry; program evaluation; evaluation use; survey research; child, adult, family, health and workplace literacy
Website: http://www.evalworks.net/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jeffrey Tucker, President, evalworks@bellsouth.net

Firm: John D Spence Consulting
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
From the Firm: Outcome measurement, results evaluation and training; grant development and management; strategic planning and general facilitation
Website: http://www.jdspence.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: John D Spence, jdspence@bellsouth.net

Firm: Partnership for Family Education and Support
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation and technical assistance in the areas of literacy (Early Reading First, Family Literacy, Adult Literacy), parenting (PIRC), and instructional technology
Website: http://www.bobpopp.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Robert J Popp, bobpopp@aol.com

Firm: REACH of Louisville Inc
Location: Louisville, KY, USA
From the Firm: Broad range of qualitative and quantitative planning and evaluation activities, including needs assessment, program design, implementation and outcome evaluation. Focus on human services programs in education, mental health and substance abuse, child and youth services, and related areas
Website: http://www.reachoflouisville.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Benjamin Birkby, birkbyb@reachoflouisville.com

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