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Firm: CBF Evaluation
Location: Racine, WI, USA; IL, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in evaluation, both locally and nationally, of worksite wellness and health promotion programs, school health education programs, public and community health programs, and education programs.
Website: http://www.cbfevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Carolyn Flanigan, cflanigan@cbfevaluation.com

Firm: CEMSE- University of Chicago
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: CEMSE’s evaluation projects are committed to generating useful and practical information for individual clients and developing evidence-based understandings that can advance the field.
Website: http://cemse.uchicago.edu/research-and-evaluation/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Melanie LaForce, Lead Researcher, laforce@uchicago.edu; Maurice Samuels, Lead Researcher, mcsamuels@uchicago.edu

Firm: Evaluation for Change Inc
Location: Oak Park, IL, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation for Change (EFC) provides utilization-focused program evaluation and grant writing services to nonprofit organizations, schools, and universities. Current projects with University of Illinois at Chicago, The Ounce of Prevention Fund, and Illinois State Board of Education.
Website: http://www.evaluationforchangeinc.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Holly Lewandowski, President, info@evaluationforchangeinc.com

Firm: Evergreene Research and Evaluation
Location: Sugar Grove, IL, USA
From the Firm: Collaborative evaluation; Specializing in informal learning, exhibits and programs for young children and families, museum-school partnerships and environmental education programs
Website: http://www.evergreeneresearch.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lorrie Beaumont, lbeaumont@evergreeneresearch.com

Firm: Goshen Education Consulting Inc
Location: Edwardsville, IL, USA
From the Firm: Educational evaluation, assessment and research. Clients include k-12 schools and districts, university faculty and researchers, and educational administrators
Website: http://www.goshenedu.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Matt Feldmann, Principal Researcher, mfeldmann@goshenedu.com

Firm: Insight to Grow
Location: DeKalb, IL, USA
From the Firm: Offering services in training and HR program evaluation, organizational performance measurement, test development, high stakes meeting facilitation and strategy articulation for groups and organizations.
Website: http://insighttogrow.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Oliver W Cummings, Managing Director, ocummings@tbc.net

Firm: ITMESA, LLC (Inquiry Through Measurement Evaluation, Statistical Analysis)
Location: Crown Point, IN, USA & Oak Park, IL, USA
From the Firm: Adolescent heath, HIV/AIDS, Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs, abstinence education programs, healthy marriage programs, youth risk behaviors, mentoring programs, juvenile justice, maternal child health
Website: http://itmesallc.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michelle Lee, Grants/Program Development Manager, m.ann.lee@sbcglobal.net

Firm: Judah Viola
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: participatory needs assessment, program evaluation, community building, and collaborative community research with nonprofit, government, educational institutions and community-based organizations
Website: http://works.bepress.com/judah_viola/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Judah Viola, Sole Proprietor, judah.viola@nl.edu

Firm: Laura Rizzardini Inc
Location: Oak Park, IL, USA
From the Firm: Program Evaluation, Needs Assessment, Cost and Benefit Analysis, Qualitative and Quantitative Methodologies, Criminal Justice, Health Care, Education, Nutrition.
Website: http://www.lrizzardini.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Laura Rizzardini, President, larizzardini@lrizzardini.com

Firm: Learning Gauge Inc
Location: St. Charles, IL, USA
From the Firm: Woman-owned small business services: grant writing, logic modeling, case studies, feasibility studies, summative efficacy studies, program impact evaluation, expertise in educational technology, literacy learning, assessment design and career development
Website: http://www.learningauge.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Mary McNabb, mlmcnabb@learningauge.org

Firm: Logos Consulting Group, LLC
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: formative and summative program evaluation across a variety of sectors and organizations including non-profits, universities, and foundations; evaluation capacity building; evaluation technical assistance; science and mathematics education, utilization focused evaluation, logic model development
Website: http://www.logosevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Bret Feranchak, Principal Consultant for Research, Evaluation, & Strategy, info@logosevaluation.com

Firm: Maberry Consulting and Evaluation Services LLC
Location: Swansea, IL, USA
From the Firm: Our insight into measuring and improving our clients’ effectiveness has been gained as the lead evaluator on more than 120 projects. With MC handling the tracking, your organization has time to make your project a success. Our team of highly qualified evaluators develop systems to accurately assess impact, solidly positioning for audits, grantor review and ultimately for future funding. Nationwide
Website: http://www.mcevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Shelley Maberry, Presdient/CEO, smaberry@maberryconsulting.com

Firm: Millennia Consulting LLC
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation for nonprofits, federal, state and local government, and charitable foundations. Participatory evaluation a specialty. Organizational assessment and action planning
Website: http://www.consultmillennia.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kenneth O'Hare, Vice President, kohare@consultmillennia.com

Firm: Office of Research, Evaluation, and Policy Studies (REPS), Northern Illinois University
Location: De Kalb, IL, USA
From the Firm: Comprehensive research and evaluation consulting services in K-12 and post-secondary education initiatives, business and industry plan development, health care needs assessment and impact validation, and local, state, and federal governmental policy initiatives.
Website: http://cedu.niu.edu/reps/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Brent E. Wholeben, Director, 815-753-1646/9332, wholeben@niu.edu

Firm: PRAIRIE Group
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: The PRAIRIE Group engages in formative evaluation and applied research of programs, policies, and initiatives with the goal of improving the quality of education and community life in urban settings.
Website: http://www.prairiegroup.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Carol Fendt, Co-Director and Senior Researcher, crfendt@hotmail.com

Firm: Race & Associates Ltd
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: National and community-level evaluations across a variety of venues
Website: http://www.raceassociates.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kathryn Race, race_associates@msn.com

Firm: Rockman Et Al Inc
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; Bloomington, IN, USA
From the Firm: Research, evaluation, and consulting for formal/informal education, technology/media, education initiatives, websites, museums, radio/television programs and the consumer sector
Website: http://www.rockman.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Saul Rockman, President, saul@rockman.com

Firm: Siebson Consulting LLC
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: We enable non-profit organizations to make data-driven decisions that will both strengthen their capacity and prove their value to funders. Services include creating evaluation plans, leading data collection and analysis, as well as reporting to funders & board members.
Website: http://www.catherinesiebel.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Catherine Siebel, President,catherinesiebel@gmail.com

Firm: TCC Group
Location: New York, NY, USA; Philadelphia PA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: Organizational and programmatic evaluation planning, design and implemenation in the nonprofit sector for nonprofit organizations and private and corporate foundations
Website: http://www.tccgrp.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Chantell Johnson, cjohnson@tccgrp.com

Firm: The HELP Institute Inc
Location: Huntsville, AL, USA; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: The HELP Institute, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides program evaluation and organizational development services to those serving or who want to serve socially disadvantaged communities. We are able to conduct process, formative, and summative evaluations and apply both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and complete analysis.
Website: http://thehelpinstitute.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Dominica McBride, Co-President, dmcbride@thehelpinstitute.org

Firm: Turks Cap Consulting LLC
Location: Grayslake, IL, USA
From the Firm: Providing evaluation, needs assessment, grant writing, data collection and analysis, report writing, social media, and public relations services to nonprofit organizations, libraries, and government institutions.
Website: http://www.turkscap.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Sarah Armstrong, Principal/Owner, sarah@turkscap.com

Firm: Wellington Consulting Group Ltd
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: Multi-disciplinary firm providing services in program evaluation, evaluation planning and design, statistical analysis, grant and proposal writing, focus groups and surveys, training in evaluation, program development and document development.
Website: http://www.wellingtonconsulting.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jane Dowling, President, janedowling@msn.com; Samantha Martin, Senior Research Analyst, samantha@wellingtonconsulting.org; Lyra Contreras, Director of Planning, lyra@wellingtonconsulting.org

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