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Firm: 3D Group
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation of education (PreK-12) programs, with specialty in Arts-Ed. Evaluation of HR and training programs
Website: http://www.3dgroup.net/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Dale Rose, President, drose@3dgroup.net; Micheline Magnotta, Senior Evaluation Consultant, mmagnotta@3dgroup.net

Firm: Advanced Evaluation Services West
Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation for schools, higher education, community coalitions, and other nonprofits. Experience with federal, state, and private funding. Strong background in evaluation of substance use prevention, school readiness, parenting, higher education, and community organizations.
Website: http://www.advancedevaluation.zxq.net/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lynn DellaPietra, Founder, lynndellapietra@gmail.com

Firm: Aguirre International (Division of JBS International)
Location: Burlingame, CA, USA
From the Firm: Hard to survey populations; agricultural workers; face to face, paper and pencil, and web based information collection and reporting; and workforce development
Website: http://www.aguirreinternational.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Nicole Vicinanza, Senior Research Associate, nvicinanza@aiweb.com; Roger Rasnake, Senior Vice President/Associate Director of Operations, rrasnake@aiweb.com

Firm: ALTA Consulting, LLC
Location: AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, OR, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation consulting and coaching, facilitation for planning and organizational development.
Website: http://altaconsultingllc.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Allison L Titcomb, Owner/Consultant, altaconsulting@cox.net

Firm: Becca Carsel Consulting
Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
From the Firm: Utilization-focused evaluation, working in partnership with clients to develop evaluation plans, processes, and instruments that are realistic, inexpensive, and have lasting impact. Mixed methods evaluations in the social services and education sectors.
Website: http://www.beccacarsel.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Becca Carsel, becca@beccacarsel.com

Firm: Berkeley Policy Associates
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality research and consulting services to those who develop and implement public policy that increases social and economic opportunity.
Website: http://www.berkeleypolicyassociates.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Hannah Betesh, Research Analyst, hannah@bpacal.com

Firm: BTW informing change
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: We work collaboratively with foundations and nonprofit organizations to provide strategic consulting services that inform organizational effectiveness and learning. Our focus areas include education, health, youth engagement, leadership and philanthropy.
Website: http://btw.informingchange.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Ellen Irie, Principal, eirie@btw.informingchange.com; Kim Ammann Howard, Director of Evaluation and Organizational Learning; Ria Sengupta Bhatt, Senior Associate; Kris Helé, Senior Consultant

Firm: California University, FCE
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Credential Evaluation and Assessment. Curricula Evaluation of Colleges and Universities applying for regional and national accreditation in the USA. Non-profit educational consultancy
Website: http://www.cufce.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Luis Amorsolo, President, cauniversity@cufce.org

Firm: CBS Consulting Group
Location: Long Beach, CA, USA
From the Firm: Our client-based approach uses quantitative and qualitative methods to present plain-English findings that address the client’s most pressing issues. We encourage collaborative interactions to empower clients throughout the evaluation process.
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/in/consultcbsgroup
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cheryl Brownstein-Santiago, Principal, cbrownsant@gmail.com

Firm: Center for Creative Leadership
Location: NC, CO, CA, USA; Europe, Asia
From the Firm: Designing and implementing evaluations of leadership development initiatives. Experienced in multiple sectors and countries.
Website: http://www.ccl.org/leadership
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kelly Hannum, Manager of Research EMEA, hannumk@leaders.ccl.org

Firm: Center for Evaluation and Research LLC
Location: Redding, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation
Website: http://www.ceronline.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Matthew B Russell, mrussell@ceronline.com

Firm: Children and Family Futures
Location: Irvine, CA, USA
From the Firm: Expertise in program evaluations of child welfare, courts, behavioral health, parenting, early childhood development, education and the collaborative processes that link these domains to achieve positive child and family outcomes.
Website: http://www.cffutures.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michael (Chad) S. Rodi, Director of Research and Evaluation, crodi@cffutures.org

Firm: Clifford R Carr, EdD
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation services for ATOD and violence prevention, community coalitions and development, education, health and treatment programs.
Website: http://mysite.verizon.net/res11e7os/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cliff Carr, crcarr@aol.com

Firm: Cobblestone Applied Research & Evaluation, Inc.
Location: La Verne, CA, USA
From the Firm: Our areas of expertise include study design, proposal writing, logic model development, instrument development, quantitative/qualitative data collection and analysis, federal compliance and tailored reporting, project management, and technical assistance.
Website: http://www.cobblestoneeval.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Rebecca Eddy, President, Rebecca.Eddy@cobblestoneeval.com

Firm: CoBro Consulting
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: Data management and evaluation services within the education field, including thorough reporting for stakeholders. Created the Comprehensive Program Assessment System (Compass) for data management, student tracking, analysis, and reporting.
Website: http://www.cobroconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Keren Brooks, Chief Research Analyst, kbrooks@cobroconsulting.com

Firm: Crystallee Crain, PhD
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation Research, Applied Statistics, Human Service Organization, Nongovernmental Organizations, Grant Implementation Evaluation
Website: http://www.crystalleecrain.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Crystallee Crain, crystallee.crain@gmail.com

Firm: DataUse Consulting Group
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: Supports use of internal data to clarify, inform, and refine: service models, logic models, strategic positioning within collaborative networks, as well as strategic planning, fundraising and accountability reporting efforts.
Website: http://mydatause.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Paul St Roseman, Principal and CEO, paul@mydatause.com

Firm: David Dobrowski
Location: Salinas, CA, USA
From the Firm: My evaluation work has focused on environmental education, early childhood programs and community development. My areas of evaluation interest are in organizational improvement, participatory evaluations, and using technology to promote social changes.
Website: http://www.daviddobrowski.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: David Dobrowski, david@daviddobrowski.com

Firm: Davis Y Ja and Associates Inc
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation; non-profits; minority issues; substance abuse and mental health; eating disorders; criminal justice; youth and adult populations
Website: http://www.dyja.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Davis Ja, President, davisyja@yahoo.com

Firm: Dr. Sharma Henderson Ed.D., Consulting
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in providing non-profits, schools, and government agencies with formative and summative evaluation services. Our company was founded in 1998. Since that time, we have helped hundreds of clients improve their services, fulfill their missions, and increase their overall effectiveness. We specialize in project-based evaluations and mixed-method approaches.
Website: http://www.sharmahenderson.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Sharma Henderson, President/Owner, sharma@sharmahenderson.com, shenderson@co-opla.org

Firm: Duerr Evaluation Resources
Location: Chico, CA, USA
From the Firm: We work on school-based prevention and intervention programs funded by federal and state grants in the State of California. Let our firm help your organization demonstrate progress and outcomes.
Website: http://www.duerrevaluation.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Mike Newlin, Evaluation Director, mnewlin@duerrevaluation.com

Firm: Empirical Education Inc
Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA
From the Firm: research and evaluation in school settings. educational research methods. teacher evaluation. value-added analysis. local program evaluations.
Website: http://www.empiricaleducation.com/index.php
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Denis Newman, President, dn@empiricaleducation.com

Firm: EMT Associates, Inc.
Location: Corona/Riverside, CA, USA; San Bernardino, CA, USA; Orange County, CA, USA; Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: EMT Associates, Inc. is a small business experienced in mixed methods evaluation, research, and program development in substance abuse, mental health, criminal justice, reentry, poverty, child welfare, and problem-solving courts.
Website: http://www.emt.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Carrie Petrucci, Senior Research Associate, cpetrucci@emt.org

Firm: ETR Associates Inc
Location: Scotts Valley, CA, USA
From the Firm: All facets of evaluation consulting, professional development, and practice for large- and small-scale projects and businesses, specializing in health education. Evaluation planning, implementation, and analysis. Data collection and management.
Website: www.etr.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Pamela Drake, Senior Research Associate, pamd@etr.org

Firm: Evalcorp Research & Consulting
Location: Orange County, CA, USA
From the Firm: Comprehensive measurement and evaluation services (including ROI studies) for government, corporate and nonprofit organizations
Website: http://www.evalcorp.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kristen Donovan, Principal Consultant, kdonovan@evalcorp.com

Firm: Evaluation & Development Group
Location: Inverness, CA, USA
From the Firm: Specialties: anything in the ‘too hard’ box, e.g., developing or evaluating new models or methodologies. Extensive experience in international aid, product evaluation in consumer-oriented high tech fields, non-profit organizational evaluation.
Website: http://michaelscriven.info/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michael Scriven, mjscriv1@gmail.com; Other team members on specific projects

Firm: Evaluation and Development Group
Location: Inverness, CA, USA
From the Firm: Innovative methodologies, meta-evaluation, evaluation theory, developing new checklists, evaluation of training, unsolved problems in evaluation, ethical issues, international evaluation, product evaluation, personnel evaluation, critical thinking and other test construction.
Website: http://michaelscriven.info
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michael Scriven, mjs@MichaelScriven.info

Firm: Evaluation Experts
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in all areas of project evaluation, including project design, project monitoring, project evaluation, monitoring and evaluation plans, survey design, and evaluation training, with special expertise in international development projects and programs.
Website: http://www.evaluation-expert.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kevin Warr, Principal, kevin@evaluation-expert.com

Firm: Evaluation Focused Consulting
Location: Pinole, CA, USA
From the Firm: Community health program assessment and evaluation, interviewing, focus group facilitation, document and data analysis, report writing. Public Health education and strategic management expertise. Services to foundations, nonprofits and corporations. Bilingual (English/Spanish)/bicultural expertise.
Website: http://www.evaluationfocused.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Norma Martínez-Rubin, Owner and Principal Consultant, Norma@EvaluationFocused.com

Firm: Evaluation Matters
Location: Woodland Hills, CA, USA
From the Firm: Strong background in evaluation of early childhood programs, education, health care delivery, and technology. Particular expertise in digital, web and social media analytics.
Website: http://www.evaluationmatters.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Rena Brar Prayaga, rena@evaluationmatters.com

Firm: FAS Services
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluator specializing in Public Health and Criminal Justice: Collaborative Court programs (Adult Drug Court, Family Drug Court, Parolee, Mental Health, Veterans, or Homeless Collaborative Courts) and Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration.
Website: http://www.faithfuller.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Faith Elizabeth Fuller, President, faithfuller@sbcglobal.net; Frances Madigan, Martin Angus, and Ellenika Okon, Research Assistants

Firm: Fetterman & Associates
Location: Menlo Park, CA, USA
From the Firm: Traditional pre- and post test approaches; collaborative and empowerment evaluation approaches; tech tools; and learning expert services
Website: http://www.davidfetterman.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: David Fetterman, President & CEO, fettermanassociates@gmail.com

Firm: Fitzgerald Consulting
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation of education (preK-16) and human services programs. Specializing in mixed methods evaluations, data analysis, proposal and technical writing assistance.
Website: http://fitzgeraldconsulting.info/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Nicholas B Fitzgerald, Owner/Consultant, fitzgeraldconsulting218@gmail.com

Firm: Foley Jones & Associates
Location: Woodland, CA, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in organizational development, program design, grant writing, and evaluation.
Website: http://www.foleyjones.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: MaryEllen Foley, maryellen@foleyjones.com

Firm: Gary Bess Associates
Location: Paradise, CA, USA
From the Firm: Needs assessment and program evaluation; criminal justice, Native American, mental health, homelessness and children's services
Website: http://www.garybess.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Gary Bess, gary@garybess.com; Jim Myers, jim@garybess.com

Firm: Global Science-Based Research & Evaluation
Location: Chino Hills, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program Evaluation
Website: http://www.gsr123.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Julie E. Stokes, jstokes@fullerton.edu

Firm: GrantRight.com
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation. Nonprofits, education, HR and training programs. Grant consulting and writing
Website: http://www.grantright.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Ann Ronan, Principal, ann@grantright.com

Firm: Graterol Consulting
Location: Mill Valley, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation, strategic planning, and program design using web-based and traditional methodologies. Our work includes logic modeling, framework development, and field research (surveys, focus groups, key informant interviews, social network analysis).
Website: http://graterolconsulting.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Celia Graterol, Founder and Principal, celiag@celiagraterol.com; Vanessa Mercado,Research Associate, Social Network Analysis Expert

Firm: Hamai Consulting
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Systems approach; Participatory, empowerment evaluation; Capacity building and training; Program development; Strategic planning
Website: http://www.hamaiconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Tamara Hamai, President and Principal Investigator, tamara@hamaiconsulting.com; Ann Isbell, Capacity Development Specialist

Firm: Hamai Consulting
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Attract more funding, make existing funding cover more, and demonstrate your organization's effectiveness with our research, planning (mission, strategy, management, organizational, program), and evaluation services.
Website: http://www.hamaiconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Tamara Hamai, President, tamara@hamaiconsulting.com

Firm: Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates (HTA)
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: HTA offers a complete range of grant writing, evaluation, planning, and training services. We are dedicated to cost-effective, high quality services helping organizations improve their effectiveness and target resources.
Website: http://www.htaconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Danielle Toussaint, Senior Associate; dtoussaint@htaconsulting.com

Firm: Health Assessment Resource Center (HARC, Inc.)
Location: Palm Desert, CA, USA
From the Firm: HARC specializes in research and evaluation regarding health and well-being outcomes. We offer a variety of custom designed services, including community health needs assessments, program evaluation, and workplace wellness programs.
Website: http://www.harcdata.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jenna LeComte-Hinely, Director of Research and Evaluation, jlecomte-hinely@harcdata.org

Firm: Hoffman Clark & Associates, a Division of Communitas Inc
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: We do the nuts and bolts of evaluation from planning, data collection, to analysis through a systems perspective. We pride ourselves in the creation of graphically savvy reports of evaluation results. We incorporate external evaluator obsolescence into our services so evaluation becomes a seamless part of organizational culture.
Website: http://www.hoffmanclark.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Joann Hoffman, sbhca@pacbell.net; Robert LaChausse

Firm: InSites
Location: Ft. Collins, CO, USA (headquarters); Hansville, WA, USA; Bakersfield, CA, USA
From the Firm: Education (preK- graduate), health, and social services evaluation; evaluation capacity building; cluster evaluation; strategic planning for systemic change; national and international
Website: http://www.insites.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Beverly Parsons, Executive Director, BeverlyAParsons@aol.com; Pat Jessup, Evaluation Associate, pat@pjessup.com

Firm: Institute for Change, Partners in Care Foundation
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: We offer comprehensive evaluation and research services, including needs assessments and quality improvement consultations, in the fields of health services, aging, disability and long-term care, education, mental health, and workforce issues.
Website: http://www.picf.org/landing_pages/37,3.html
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Zina Kally, Research Associate; Sarah Cote, Research Assistant. General email: IFC@Picf.org

Firm: Institute for Organizational and Program Evaluation Research
Location: Claremont, CA, USA; Tucson, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Program Development; Program Evaluation; Needs Assessments; Organization Effectiveness Research, Logic Model & Program Theory Consultation
Website: http://www.cgu.edu/pages/506.asp
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Stewart I Donaldson, Director, stewart.donaldson@cgu.edu

Firm: jdcPartnerships
Location: Richmond, CA, USA
From the Firm: jdcPartnerships works with philanthropic, public and nonprofit clients interested in refining their decision-making process to integrate real time information that aligns with their goals and objectives. We infuse current theories and practices in the role of evaluative inquiry, assessment, communication and organizational development in to the decision-making process
Website: http://www.jdcpartnerships.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jara Dean-Coffey, jara@jdcpartnerships.com

Firm: Keene Insights
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: We work collaboratively with organizations to design and implement evaluations that maximize the potential for use. Beyond simply producing a report, the results inform thought and action.
Website: http://keene-insights.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Laura Keene, Owner/Consultant, laura@keene-insights.com

Firm: Keith Research & Evaluation, LLC
Location: Austin, TX, USA; Wilmington, NC, USA; Berkeley, CA, USA; Charleston, SC, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation; health care/policy analysis; research using classic & modern methods; measurement GTO experts for heath care, higher ed, K-12, non-profits, social services & STEM; IRB support; MIS using technology; & advanced statistical consultation. HUB / small business staff all with Ph.D.'s (one bilingual).
Website: http://www.keithresearch.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Patricia Keith, patricia@keithresearch.com

Firm: Korwin Consulting
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: KORWIN CONSULTING advances social justice solutions by identifying community strengths, building organizational capacity, and evaluating impact. We partner with clients engaged in direct service delivery and advocacy initiatives, including reproductive justice leaders, foster youth, survivors of intimate partner violence, the LGBTQ community, and communities of color.
Website: http://www.korwinconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lisa Korwin, Principal, lisa@korwinconsulting.com

Firm: LaFrance Associates
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
From the Firm: Providing applied research; evaluation; and technical assistance services that advance the work of organizations in the nonprofit, philanthropic, and public sectors
Website: http://lfagroup.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Steven LaFrance, Principal, Steven@LFAgroup.com

Firm: Lawrence Hall of Science
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: The Research Group at the Lawrence Hall of Science provides evaluation evidence and insights to foster high-quality, equitable, and innovative science and mathematics education and learning experiences for learners of all ages.
Website: http://lawrencehallofscience.org/services_and_expertise/rea
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Ardice Hartry, Acting Director of The Research Group, ardicehartry@yahoo.com

Firm: Leadership Learning Community
Location: Oakland, CA, USA; Boston, MA, USA
From the Firm: LLC is a national nonprofit organization transforming the way leadership development work is conceived, conducted, and evaluated. Areas of evaluation expertise include: developmental evaluation, impact evaluation, highly participatory approaches
Website: http://leadershiplearning.org/consulting-services/our-services
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Deborah Meehan, Executive Director, deborah@leadershiplearning.org Claire Reinelt, Senior Evaluation Advisor claire@leadershiplearning.org

Firm: LeCroy & Milligan Associates Inc
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA; Phoenix, AZ, USA; NV, USA; CO, USA; NM, USA; CA, USA
From the Firm: Experienced staff of 15 employees offer program evaluation services including: program planning, grant writing, policy analysis, statistical consultation, focus groups, survey design, outcome evaluation, and strategic planning. Our staff have expertise in child welfare, juvenile justice, health, mental health, and education areas.
Website: http://www.lecroymilligan.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michel Lahti, CEO, michel.lahti@lecroymilligan.com; Kerry Milligan, Principal, kerry@lecroymilligan.com; Craig LeCroy, Principal, craig.lecroy@asu.edu

Firm: LPC Consulting Associates Inc
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation using capacity building approach, logic model development, design data tools and databases. Quantitative and Qualitative methods and analyses
Website: http://www.lpc-associates.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lynne P Cannady, President, lynne@lpc-associates.com

Firm: LTG Associates Inc
Location: Takoma Park, MD, USA; Turlock, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation of health and human services domestically and internationally. Assessment, program planning, evaluation, and capacity building areas of specialization. Expertise in engaging with vulnerable and hard to reach populations.
Website: http://www.ltgassociates.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cathleen Crain, Managing Partner, partners@ltgassociates.com

Firm: LTG Associates Inc
Location: Takoma Park, MD, USA; Turlock, CA, USA
From the Firm: LTG Associates' work centers on assessment, design, monitoring, and evaluation. With broad domestic and international experience, we specialize in health and human service programs, policy, and communication.
Website: http://www.ltgassociates.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cathleen Crain, Managing Partner; Niel Tashima, Managing Partner; Alberto Bouroncle, Senior Research Associate; Carter Roeber, Senior Research Associate; general email partners@ltgassociates.com

Firm: Marianne Brown Consulting
Location: Poway, CA, USA
From the Firm: Support public health, social services, education and government agencies. Skill areas include: Research design, Database management, Data collection protocols, Statistical analysis (IBM SPSS), Needs assessment, Focus groups, Key informant interviews, Intercept surveys, Instrument development, Content analysis, Case studies, Manuscripts and Report preparation.
Website: http://www.sandiegoprogramevaluator.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Marianne Brown, Program Evaluator, marianne@sandiegograntwriter.com

Firm: Market Logics
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: Provide defensible findings and analysis in the areas of program evaluation, Benefit/Cost and ROI, quantifying intangibles, forecasting and scenario learning.
Website: http://www.mktlogics.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jon Vencil, President, jon@mktlogics.com

Firm: Meredith Willa Consulting
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA; New York, NY, USA
From the Firm: A strategic planning consultant with 6 years of experience in evaluation and planning for nonprofits, foundations, and city agencies working on issues related to children, families, welfare, health and education.
Website: https://about.me/meredithwilla
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Meredith Willa, Principal, meredith.willa@gmail.com

Firm: Mindy J Sloan
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: Education program evaluation, accountability, accreditation, assessment
Website: http://mindyjsloan.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Mindy J Sloan, Evaluator, sloanmindy@gmail.com

Firm: Moxie Research
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: Moxie Research collaborates with arts, cultural and educational organizations. Our areas of expertise include K-12 arts education, professional development and adult learning. We specialize in program evaluation and assessment.
Website: http://www.moxieresearch.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Patti Saraniero, patti@moxieresearch.com

Firm: MPR Associates
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: For over 20 years, we have made major contributions to the improvement of education from studies of K-12 school reform, career-technical education, adult education, instructional practices, accountability and standards, curriculum integration, and access, persistence, and degree attainment in postsecondary education. We conduct evaluations of programs in education as well as the private sector
Website: http://www.mprinc.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Beverly Farr, Director of Evaluation, bfarr@mprinc.com

Firm: Nexus Consulting
Location: Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
From the Firm: Providing services in program evaluation; needs assessments; data management and analysis; and applied research. Experience working with non-profit, public, and philanthropic organizations on a variety of programs and topics (e.g., teen pregnancy, domestic violence, parenting skills, and substance abuse).
Website: http://www.nexusevaluation.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michael T Matthews, Founder and Lead Consultant, mmatthews@nexusevaluation.com

Firm: Organizational Concepts
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Designs evaluation and performance measurement strategies and systems. Facilitates assessment of multi-year initiatives by government, foundations, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. Experience working in collaboration with executives, managers, external stakeholders and partners. Advises on organizational alignment, evaluation and performance measurement, strategy and implementation.
Website: http://www.orgconcepts.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Melvin L. Musick, Principal Consultant, orgconcepts@yahoo.com

Firm: Palo Alto Evaluation Research
Location: Palo Alto, CA, USA
From the Firm: We help colleges and universities implement practical and manageable learning assessment and program review protocols for academic and co-curricular programs. We help social service and other non-profit organizations plan and implement survey and focus group research. In addition to providing research consultation and training, we conduct independent studies.
Website: http://www.paerconsulting.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lisa A. Kramer, Director, info@paerconsulting.com

Firm: Parskey Consulting
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Balanced scorecards, alignment of functional measurement to organizational goals, training evaluation, human performance improvement, human capital analytics, training evaluation systems and implementation, change management
Website: http://www.parskeyconsulting.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Margaret Parskey, pparskey@mjpnetwork.com

Firm: Penguin Consulting
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
From the Firm: We use rigorous research methods and participatory approaches to inquire intentionally. Answers to the inquiry are used to design programs, gauge progress, assess impact, and plan for a desired future.
Website: http://www.fourneyevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Andrew Fourney, Principal, andrew@fourneyevaluation.com

Firm: Portzline Enterprises
Location: NM, USA; CO, USA; CA, USA; TX, USA; DC, USA
From the Firm: Participatory, strengths-based approach; Tailor services to the specific information needs of clients; Provide high quality and timely services; Provide cost-effective evaluations; Promote the use of evaluation findings for decision-making and action; Build internal evaluation capacity within our clients’ organizations; Abide by AEA's guiding principles and the Program Evaluation Standards.
Website: http://www.portzlineenterprises.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Barbra Portzline, President, info@portzlineenterprises.com

Firm: Public Profit
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: Measure and manage what matters! Public Profit's core service areas include program evaluation, survey and assessment development, environmental scans and evaluation capacity building.
Website: http://www.publicprofit.net/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Corey Newhouse, Founder and Principal, corey@publicprofit.net

Firm: REAP Change Consultants
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Social science Research; program Evaluation; needs or academic Assessment; strategic Planning; and organizational Change services for higher education, K-12 schools, libraries, government agencies, and non-profits.
Website: http://www.reapchange.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Stephen C Maack, Owner, Lead Consultant, consultant@reapchange.com

Firm: Resource Development Associates
Location: CA, USA
From the Firm: RDA strenghthens public and nonprofit efforts to promote social and economic justice for vulnerable populations. We support our clients through an integrated approach to evaluation, planning, grant writing and organizational development.
Website: http://www.resourcedevelopment.net/index2.html
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Patricia Marrone Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, pbennett@resourcedevelopment.net

Firm: Rockman Et Al Inc
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA; Chicago, IL, USA; Bloomington, IN, USA
From the Firm: Research, evaluation, and consulting for formal/informal education, technology/media, education initiatives, websites, museums, radio/television programs and the consumer sector
Website: http://www.rockman.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Saul Rockman, President, saul@rockman.com

Firm: San Joaquin Community Data Cooperative
Location: Stockton, CA, USA
From the Firm: The Data Cooperative is an independent applied social research and evaluation organization. Our services include process and outcomes evaluation, database design, grant writing, and strategic planning
Website: http://www.dataco-op.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Campbell J Bullock, Executive Director, cbullock@co.san-joaquin.ca.us

Firm: SANDAG Technical Services Research
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: SANDAG Technical Services Research Section provides independent practical process and impact evaluation and research services for various public health and safety programs, as well as transit, land use, and regional growth planning policies.
Website: http://www.sandag.org/index.asp?projectid=306&fuseaction=projects.detail
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kristen Rohanna, Associate Research Analyst, kroh@sandag.org

Firm: Science for Society (S4S)
Location: South Pasadena, CA, USA
From the Firm: Science program and exhibit evaluation and development. Front end, formative, summative evaluation. Science communication review and editing. Science writing. Bridging the scientific community and non-expert audiences.
Website: http://www.science4society.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Kimberly M. Burtnyk, Principal and Owner, burtnyk@sbcglobal.net

Firm: Shattuck Applied Research + Evaluation (SARE)
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
From the Firm: Serving governmental, educational, and nonprofit organizations in research and evaluation for 21 years. Ocean and environmental science, youth development, STEM education, health and prevention, and workforce development. Utilization-focused studies use mixed and quasi-experimental methods. Statistical analysis using both descriptive and advanced statistical methods and data interpretation.
Website: http://www.shattuckevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Julie A Shattuck, Lead Investigator/Principal, julie@shattuckevaluation.com

Firm: SmartStart Educational Consulting Services
Location: Irvine, CA, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in evaluation of university outreach/training projects such as IGERT, ISE, GK-12, ITEST, FIPSE, PIRE funded by federal agencies-NSF, NIH, USDE, NASA, HHMI. Formative/summative evaluations using qualitative/quantitative methods, survey development, online surveys emailed to participants, focus groups, data analysis, PowerPoints. Flexible evaluations tailored to your project outcomes.
Website: http://www.smartstartecs.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Lisa Kohne, President, lkohne@smartstartecs.com

Firm: Social Policy Research Associates
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: Education, education reform, multicultural education, youth development, youth civic engagement, youth leadership development, philanthropy, foundation grantmaking analysis, foundation capacity building, diversity and organizational development and learning, evaluation capacity building, workforce development, health access
Website: http://www.spra.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Hanh Cao Yu, Vice President, Hanh_Cao_Yu@spra.com

Firm: Social Science Research Laboratory - SDSU
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
From the Firm: The SSRL collaborates with government agencies, schools, universities and nonprofit organizations to design and implement needs assessments, process evaluation, and outcome evaluations. Our goal is to provide actionable data in an accessible format. Our areas of expertise include HIV prevention, youth violence prevention, and substance abuse prevention.
Website: http://ssrl.sdsu.edu
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cathy Cirina-chiu, Managing Director, ccirina@mail.sdsu.edu; Dara McIntyre, Research Associate

Firm: SRM Evaluation Group, UCLA
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: Social program evaluation--particularly evaluation of educational programs
Website: http://www.gseis.ucla.edu/~srmevaluationgroup/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Marvin Alkin, Director of SRM Evaluation Group, alkin@gseis.ucla.edu; Minerva Avila, avila@gseis.ucla.edu; Tarek Azzam, tarek.azzam@cgu.edu; Nicole Gerardi, gerardi_nicole@yahoo.com; Janet Lee, jslee9@ucla.edu; Noelle Rivera, novari320@hotmail.com; Anne Vo, annevo@ucla.edu

Firm: Sul & Associates
Location: Tracy, CA, USA
From the Firm: Non-profit community-based organizations, K-12 school districts, and higher education institutions; Education, social and health services; Culturally-relevant research models; Assessment; Mathematics; Bilingual
Website: http://sulandassociates.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: David Sul, Senior Associate, dsul@sulandassociates.com

Firm: The Research Group at UC Berkeley
Location: Berkeley, CA, USA
From the Firm: Situated at the Lawrence Hall of Science, we provide independent research, evaluation, and assessment services and partner on national initiatives to support the development and implementation of innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning opportunities for both formal and informal education needs.
Website: http://lawrencehallofscience.org/researchgroup
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Juna Snow, Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist, jsnow@innovatedconsulting.com; Ardice Hartry, Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist, ardicehartry@yahoo.com; Bernadette Chi, Senior Research and Evaluation Specialist, bchi@berkeley.edu,

Firm: The Sarah Samuels Center for Public Health Research & Evaluation
Location: Oakland, CA, USA
From the Firm: We specialize in public health evaluation and research, policy tracking and analysis, and strategic planning and program development. Our areas of expertise span nutrition and physical activity, tobacco prevention and control, prevention of chronic disease, women's health, community health, preventive care, and policy issues in public health.
Website: http://www.samuelscenter.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Sallie Yoshida, Executive Director, sallie@samuelscenter.com

Firm: Transpositions Consulting, LLC
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
From the Firm: Specializing in training, developmental and formative evaluation, strategic planning, and network and advocacy evaluation. Particular content expertise in gender, human rights, criminal justice/security sector.
Website: http://transpositions.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: AnnJanette Rosga, Executive Director, arosga@transpositions.org; Leith Lombas, Associate Director, llombas@transpositions.org

Firm: UC Davis Center for Education and Evaluation Services
Location: Davis, CA, USA
From the Firm: CEES is a full-service evaluation center housed at UC Davis School of Education, expertise includes mixed-method evaluation design, survey/pre-post test development, rigorous statistical analysis for federal, state, foundation grants (IGERT, ITEST, FIPSE, MSP…)
Website: http://education.ucdavis.edu/post/center-education-and-evaluation-services
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Theresa Westover, Director, tnwestover@ucdavis.edu

Firm: UC Davis Center for Evaluation and Research
Location: Davis, CA, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation Capacity Building / Training; Technical Assistance in Process and Outcome Evaluation; Design, Data Collection, Analysis; Evaluation of Community, Health Promotion, and International Development Programs; Drawing from a wide Range of Expertise on the UC Davis Campus.
Website: http://programeval.ucdavis.edu/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jeanette Treiber, Project Director, jtreiber@ucdavis.edu; Robin Kipke, Evaluation Associate

Firm: Vital Research LLC
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
From the Firm: We provide client-centered services and the highest quality survey, evaluation, and applied research in the areas of education, social services, healthcare, aging services, business and industry
Website: http://www.vitalresearch.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Pat Yee, Senior Researcher, patyee@vitalresearch.com; Harold Urman, Partner, hurman@vitalresearch.com

Firm: WestEd
Location: Los Alamitos, CA, USA
From the Firm: Education, community-based programs
Website: http://www.WestEd.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Naida C Tushnet, Program Director, ntushne@WestEd.org

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