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Firm: ALTA Consulting, LLC
Location: AZ, NM, CO, UT, NV, CA, OR, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation consulting and coaching, facilitation for planning and organizational development.
Website: http://altaconsultingllc.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Allison L Titcomb, Owner/Consultant, altaconsulting@cox.net

Firm: AZ Evaluation and Research Associates
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Comprehensive research and evaluation services. Services include program evaluations, needs-assessments, customer and employee satisfaction surveys, applied research, evaluation design and planning, survey construction, data analysis, and reporting.
Website: http://www.azera.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Mary Aleta White, Director, mwhite@azera.org

Firm: Cornucopia Community Advocates
Location: Sedona, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Program evaluation, community needs assessment and planning, studies in the fields of crime and delinquency, health, and social services.
Website: http://www.cornucopiacommunity.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Harvey Grady, President, hgrady@esedona.net

Firm: DMD Associates
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Educational and Non-Profit Evaluation; Program Evaluation; Surveys; Qualitative and Quantitative Research; Feasibility Studies, Needs Assessment and Planning.
Website: http://www.dmdprojects.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Donald J Vangsnes, don@dmdprojects.com

Firm: Evaluation Research and Development (ERAD)
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Experience in project evaluation, consulting, data management, analysis, survey development/administration, web development, social network analysis, GIS, grant writing and both quantitative and qualitative methods.
Website: https://erad.arizona.edu/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: James Roebuck, Co-Director, roebuck.james.c@gmail.com; Melissa Page, Co-Director, mpage@email.arizona.edu

Firm: FirstEval LLC
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
From the Firm: FirstEval provides program evaluation services, public policy research (health policy and education policy), statistical and quantitative research, expert testimony, and analysis of existing statistical studies.
Website: http://firsteval.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Melissa S Kovacs, principal, mkovacs@firsteval.com

Firm: Institute for Organizational and Program Evaluation Research
Location: Claremont, CA, USA; Tucson, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Program Development; Program Evaluation; Needs Assessments; Organization Effectiveness Research, Logic Model & Program Theory Consultation
Website: http://www.cgu.edu/pages/506.asp
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Stewart I Donaldson, Director, stewart.donaldson@cgu.edu

Firm: Interface Guru
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Interface Guru provides digital evaluation and related services - digital strategy and information design - for scientific collaborations, science centers, museums, and aquariums, as well as STEM education initiatives.
Website: http://www.interfaceguru.com/digital-evaluation/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Daniel Shepherd, Digital Usability Analyst, daniel@interfaceguru.com

Firm: L&D Associates Consulting Group
Location: Albuquerque, NM, USA; Phoenix, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Evaluation of public health programs in American Indian Tribal Communities. Provide culturally responsive evaluation training
Website: http://www.landd.net
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Louis J Lafrado, lafrado@landd.net

Firm: LeCroy & Milligan Associates Inc
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA; Phoenix, AZ, USA; NV, USA; CO, USA; NM, USA; CA, USA
From the Firm: Experienced staff of 15 employees offer program evaluation services including: program planning, grant writing, policy analysis, statistical consultation, focus groups, survey design, outcome evaluation, and strategic planning. Our staff have expertise in child welfare, juvenile justice, health, mental health, and education areas.
Website: http://www.lecroymilligan.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Michel Lahti, CEO, michel.lahti@lecroymilligan.com; Kerry Milligan, Principal, kerry@lecroymilligan.com; Craig LeCroy, Principal, craig.lecroy@asu.edu

Firm: Magnolia Consulting LLC
Location: VA, USA; NC, USA; AZ, USA; TX, USA
From the Firm: Magnolia offers comprehensive, high-quality evaluation and program development services. We offer expertise in K-12 education, adult education, organizational change and development, community and school based programs, and public outreach.
Website: http://www.magnoliaconsulting.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Stephanie B Wilkerson, President, stephanie@magnoliaconsulting.org; Carol Haden, Senior Research Associate, carol@magnoliaconsulting.org

Firm: Saguaro Evaluation Group
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Community Based Participatory Evaluations, community assessments, survey preparation and evaluation, training, grant writing.
Website: http://saguaroevaluation.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Monica Parsai, Co-founder and Principal Evaluator. saguaroevaluations@gmail.com

Firm: Sonoran Research Group, LLC
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
From the Firm: SRG helps organizations determine if their services achieve the desired outcomes and provides information useful to program staff as they work to increase the effectives of the interventions they apply
Website: http://www.sonoranresearchgroup.com/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Anthony J. Alberta, President, ajalberta@sonoranresearchgroup.com

Firm: The HELP Institute Inc
Location: Huntsville, AL, USA; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: The HELP Institute, Inc is a nonprofit organization that provides program evaluation and organizational development services to those serving or who want to serve socially disadvantaged communities. We are able to conduct process, formative, and summative evaluations and apply both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods and complete analysis.
Website: http://thehelpinstitute.org
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Dominica McBride, Co-President, dmcbride@thehelpinstitute.org

Firm: Wellington Consulting Group Ltd
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Chicago, IL, USA
From the Firm: Multi-disciplinary firm providing services in program evaluation, evaluation planning and design, statistical analysis, grant and proposal writing, focus groups and surveys, training in evaluation, program development and document development.
Website: http://www.wellingtonconsulting.org/
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Jane Dowling, President, janedowling@msn.com; Samantha Martin, Senior Research Analyst, samantha@wellingtonconsulting.org; Lyra Contreras, Director of Planning, lyra@wellingtonconsulting.org

Firm: Wholonomy Consulting
Location: Tucson, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Experience in evaluation, capacity building, facilitation, training. Practitioner of strategic and organizational learning. Our core capacities include increasing meaningful engagement and involvement in planning, action, and evaluation.
Website: http://www.wholonomyconsulting.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cassandra O'Neill, Senior Partner, cassandraoneill@comcast.net

Firm: Ziker Research
Location: Gilbert, AZ, USA
From the Firm: Ziker Research is experienced in helping agencies improve their data driven decision making through:Program Evaluation; Professional Development; Grant Writing; Survey Development; Data Analysis; Research Studies; Psychometric Services
Website: http://zikerresearch.com
AEA Member(s) On Staff: Cindy Ziker, Executive Director, cindyziker@yahoo.com

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