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The American Evaluation Association invites evaluators from around the world to attend its annual conference to be held Wednesday, November 10, through Saturday, November 13, 2010 in San Antonio, Texas. We'll be convening at the lovely Grand Hyatt San Antonio, right in the heart of the vibrant city and adjacent to the Riverwalk's nightlife, restaurants, and strolling grounds. Discounted hotel reservations will be available in March.

AEA's annual meeting is expected to bring together approximately 2500 evaluation practitioners, academics, and students, and represents a unique opportunity to gather with professional colleagues in a collaborative, thought-provoking, and fun atmosphere.

The conference is broken down into 44 Topical Strands that examine the field from the vantage point of a particular methodology, context, or issue of interest to the field as well as the Presidential Strand highlighting this year's Presidential Theme of Evaluation Quality. Presentations may explore the conference theme or any aspect of the full breadth and depth of evaluation theory and practice.

Proposals are due by midnight in the Eastern time zone, on Friday, March 19, 2010.

Letter of Invitation to Submit for Evaluation 2010 from AEA's President

I invite you to submit a proposal to present at Evaluation 2010, the annual conference of the American Evaluation Association. This year we’ll be convening the week of November 8 in San Antonio, Texas. It will be my pleasure and privilege to preside at the conference. I have chosen Evaluation Quality as the conference theme. While we evaluate programs, policies, and other entities as a matter of course, we rarely have the opportunity to reflect on the evaluation of our own work or on the theoretical and practical issues associated with evaluation quality. I hope the 2010 conference will provide that opportunity. 

As a starting point for our exploration and discussion of this theme, the conference will use the three standards of quality identified by House in his 1980 book, Evaluating with Validity -- Truth, Beauty, and Justice. Some questions that come from the general theme and the three standards include:

In addition, we can continue conversations started at the 2008 and 2009 conferences around the themes of evaluation policy and the role of context, with such questions as:

Evaluation quality can be looked at from philosophical, political, aesthetic, theoretical, practical, and other perspectives. In November 2010, we will have opportunities to engage in conversation about what it is and what it means for our practice, learn new ways of thinking about the systematic assessment of our work, and increase our ability to conduct evaluations of the highest quality.

I invite you to submit a proposal focusing on Evaluation Quality, or any aspect of evaluation as we explore the breadth and depth of the field. You can find the proposal submission forms, and learn more about the event right here on the Evaluation 2010 website.

The conference location in the historically and culturally rich city of San Antonio is an additional incentive to plan to attend. Last year, the Asian Art Wing of the San Antonio Museum of Art was honored for its outstanding architectural design, the city was recognized by the National League of Cities’ Institute for Youth, Education, and Families for its innovative social programs, and the local Buckhorn Tavern’s Bobby Olguin beat nationally renowned chef Bobby Flay in a ‘best green chili cheeseburger’ cookoff. 2009 will be a hard act to follow, but we’re up for the challenge. Please join me in San Antonio for lively discussion, disputation, learning, and professional support!




Leslie Cooksy

AEA 2010 President