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The American Evaluation Association welcomes exhibitors and sponsors to Evaluation 2008. Exhibitors and sponsors provide a vital service in helping conference attendees learn about evaluation-related products and services. In return, Evaluation 2008 will offer a unique opportunity to share your products or services with over 2500 evaluators from the United States and around the world.

Exhibit space at Evaluation 2008 is limited and will sell out quickly.
Please get your application in early!

Exhibit space for Evaluation 2008 is SOLD OUT!

Exhibiting at Evaluation 2008 is an affordable way to connect with conference attendees active in the field of evaluation. Our exhibiting packages start at just $500. Sponsorship increases your commitment and your name recognition among evaluation colleagues. Advertising in our heavily used hardcopy conference program ensures that attendees will see your promotion long after the event has ended.

Exhibitors at Evaluation 2008 are responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable national, state, and city laws. Exhibitors sales at Evaluation 2008 MUST include sales tax and have filed event sales tax applications for BOTH Denver and Colorado. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to make sure ALL required forms are filled out, submitted and processed in time for the event! For more information, please visit our "2008 Exhibitor Guide" for links to the State and City websites.

Once you have reviewed the Evaluation 2008 Exhibiting Prospectus, questions about exhibiting, sponsorship, or advertising should be addressed to AEA's exhibits coordinator, Heidi Nye, at heidi@eval.org or 888-232-2275. We look forward to working with you to make Evaluation 2008 a success!

Table of Fees for Evaluation 2008 - details may be found in the exhibitor prospectus

Item Description Cost
Basic Exhibitor Package One Table, Web Listing
Advertising discount
Add-on tables 2.5' x 6' tables added to a basic package
Price per each Table
University Table One Table, Web Listing, Advertising discount for Universities
Unstaffed tables with NO selling allowed
Sponsorship Event, program, other sponsorship
Includes basic exhibitor package
Advertising Eighth to full page advertisement
Black and white, in conference program
$180 -

 You will be in good company! Exhibitors at Evaluation 2007 included:

Evaluation 2008 Confirmed Exhibitors

Alliance for Justice: will demonstrate its new, free, electronic web resource, Resources for Evaluating Community Organizing.  Our groundbreaking advocacy evaluation and capacity assessment tools will also be on display.  Drop by and win a valuable free set up of the tools!  Alliance for Justice helps foundations and grantees to strengthen their advocacy work, including nonpartisan voter/candidate education, lobbying, ballot measure work,  as well as to pragmatically assess nonprofits’ advocacy capacity and evaluate their advocacy work.  We provide in-person and online training, easy to use legal guides, and free technical assistance. http://www.afj.org/.


CiviCore: is a leading technology company that works with evaluators and consultants to implement high quality web-based research and evaluation tools.  CiviCore research and evaluation tools include client and outcome tracking software, case management systems, online survey building tools, document management solutions and policy data management systems.  Our core software is highly customizable and includes the capability of being co-branded and implemented in partnership with evaluators and consultants. http://www.civicore.com

Claremont Graduate University: SPONSOR in Southern California is one of the leading providers of education and training in Evaluation and Applied Research Methods. CGU offers one of the largest graduate programs in evaluation, with evaluation concentrations at the MA and PhD level. We also offer a distance-based Certificate Programs that stress rigorous training and a high level of competence. CGU also houses research institutes that perform evaluations for private and public clientele, utilizing world-renowned faculty and an extensive network of evaluation alumni. http://www.cgu.edu/pages/665.asp 

DoView Outcomes and Evaluation Software: An afforable and easy-to-use tool for building logic models and visual evaluation plans. DoView’s unique features are designed by expert evaluators to solve problems evaluators face. Do you need logic models larger than one page? Need to map evidence-based practice? Want to produce easy-to-navigate, web-based logic models? Want to build a visual evaluation plan around your logic model? Want choice about how you visualise links? At only $39.95, DoView is a time-saving tool for everybody in the evaluation chain, from community groups to large agencies. See DoView in action at Evaluation 08, and try the 14-day free trial now http://www.doview.com

The Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University: has a 40-year history of providing national and international leadership for advancing the theory, practice, and utilization of evaluation. Unlike most evaluation units in academic settings, the Center is not affiliated with a single academic department or college.  This reflects the transdisciplinary nature of evaluation and enables Center personnel to work effectively in an array of subject areas. The Evaluation Center houses WMU's Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation, which features practice-linked learning; more than 30 faculty members from 13 academic departments and The Evaluation Center; and a fully tailored, challenging curriculum. See http://www.evaluation.wmich.edu for more information.

EvaluationKIT: is an affordable and fully-hosted course evaluation and survey system. There is no hardware to buy, setup, or maintain. Designed for colleges and universities, EvaluationKIT provides all of the functionality you need to manage these important institutional processes, including: Survey authoring tools; Instructor and Administrator access to view automated reports specific to just their courses or areas they oversee; Integration options to seamlessly link with your campus’ existing web presence; And much more… Stop by our booth and learn how collecting feedback on campus can be made simple. Find out more at  http://www.evaluationkit.com.

Gravic Inc – Remark Products Group: SPONSOR Software for assisting researchers and evaluators collect and analyze data from paper and web forms (surveys, evaluations, assessments). Use any word processor to create and print your own plain-paper evaluations and then scan them with Remark Office OMR using an image scanner. Or, create, host and administer online surveys using Remark Web Survey. Host your own online forms; there are no form or respondent limitations. Use both products to combine data from paper and web evaluations. Easily generate analysis reports and graphs with Remark Quick Stats, a built-in analysis component. Or, export data to 35+ different formats (SPSS, Excel, ASCII, etc.). For more information visit our website at  http://www.gravic.com/.

Guilford Publications: knows it’s a challenge to keep up with new developments in evaluation or to utilize techniques you’ve read about but haven’t used. We’re helping with books that translate cutting-edge techniques and foundational methodologies into a language you can implement yourself or teach your students. Come see our latest books, including those by AEA members: Transformative Research and Evaluation by Mertens; Evaluation in Distance Education and E-Learning by Ruhe and Zumbo; Assessing Performance by Johnson, Penny, and Gordon; Researching Children’s Experiences by Freeman and Mathison; Measuring Change in Counseling and Psychotherapy by Meier; Leavy’s Method Meets Art and, with Hesse-Biber, The Handbook of Emergent Methods. http://www.guilford.com

Innovation Network Inc: is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit consulting firm founded in 1992. We work with nonprofits and funders to develop their know-how to define success, measure results, and improve their work. Our consulting services, training curricula, technical assistance, and free online tools all build evaluation capacity. We have worked with hundreds of organizations in person; our online tools are used by nearly fifteen thousand people worldwide. Many nonprofits see evaluation as a punitive process that is “done to” them. Our philosophy is that evaluation is an opportunity for organizations to identify ways to deliver stronger programs and create lasting change. http://www.innonet.org 

International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET): is an executive training program in development evaluation managed jointly by the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank and Carleton University. The program offers a two-week core course designed to cover development evaluation basics, followed by two weeks of in-depth workshops, all taught by a dynamic group of leading-edge international faculty drawn from Southern and Northern institutions. This intensive and unique training opportunity is offered annually in Ottawa, Canada on the Carleton University campus. This year’s program runs from June 8 – July 3, 2009 and registration opens in mid-January. Please visit http://www.ipdet.org for more information.

Jossey Bass, A Wiley Imprint: For over thirty years, Jossey Bass has published relevant and lively books, periodicals, and training materials written by respected scholars and practitioners. These materials support innovative teaching and learning, school change, multicultural education, leading-edge curricula, and thoughtful leadership for administrators and faculty http://www.josseybass.com.

Lyceum Books Inc: since its founding in 1988, has earned a reputation for excellent in the field of social service education. We are an independent publishing house with the editorial freedom to select books for the quality of their ideas, research, writing, and their usefulness to students and practitioners. http://www.lyceumbooks.com/

Macro International Inc: has 40 years’ experience in virtually all areas of public policy and social and health concerns. Our evaluation and performance measurement projects help ensure that policies and programs achieve their goals and make good use of resources. Macro’s diverse pool of researchers is ready to tackle tough questions regarding everything from the need for an initiative to its operational details and specific effects. We specialize in health-related surveys, program and policy evaluation, program development, public education and more. We help governments and businesses increase their impact on the world—enhancing performance and improving lives. http://www.macrointernational.com

The MayaTech Corporation: conducts research evaluation, technical assistance and policy analysis that assists public, private and community-based entities to realize outcomes that promote the health and well-being of a variety of vulnerable populations. MayaTech’s team of research scientists, technical and research associates conduct focus group research, individual interviews, archival records review, site observations and assessments, community systems analysis, legislative research and health policy analysis, online and traditional survey tool development and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. http://www.mayatech.com

MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership: is the nation’s leading advocate and expert resource for youth mentoring, delivering research, policy recommendations, advocacy, and practical performance tools that facilitate expansion of mentoring initiatives. MENTOR believes that, with the help and guidance of an adult mentor, each child and youth can unlock his or her potential. For nearly two decades, MENTOR has worked to expand the world of quality youth mentoring. In cooperation with a network of state mentoring partnerships and more than 4,100 mentoring programs nationwide, MENTOR helps to connect young Americans who want and need caring adults in their lives with the power of mentoring. Find out more at http://www.mentoring.org

Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL): is a nonprofit corporation focused on research, product development, technical assistance and training for K-12 education improvement. Based in Denver, Colorado, McREL specializes in leadership development, standards-based instructional practice, and systemic reform. Since 1966 McREL has operated one of the ten Regional Educational Laboratories funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education. To learn more, go to http://www.mcrel.org.

Mosaic Network Inc: is an evaluation solutions company. We provide evaluation software and consulting to multi-site multi-year human service initiatives to help evaluate community services and their impacts. Mosaic’s flagship product GEMS (Grant Evaluation and Management Solution) empowers both the funding and the funded agencies alike in answering questions like "Is this working?" and "What should we change?". Our findings and tools show you where the resources are being spent, track results of all funded programs, and perform large multi project cross agency evaluation. For more information, please visit
http://www.mosaic-network.com or call (805) 692-0992

National Science Foundation: SPONSOR is an independent United States federal agency, supports science and engineering (S&E) research, education and evaluation through an annual budget of over $5.96 billion. NSF funds grants and contracts to individuals, academic institutions, and for-profit and non-profit entities selected from over 40,000 proposals received annually. About 50,000 S&E experts volunteer to serve as NSF reviewers each year as part of the grant merit review process that selects promising proposals. Discover more about NSF online at http://www.nsf.gov/ , or by phone at 703-292-5111 ( TDD 703-292-5090 or 800-281-8749), or create a free subscription to MyNSF at http://www.nsf.gov/mynsf.

nFocus Software: is the leading provider of data collection and outcome measurement software to the public sector. For more than thirteen years, nFocus Software has successfully implemented solutions for customers of all sizes. Today, nFocus Software’s solutions track and measure outcomes for more than 2.2 million children in all fifty states and Canada. nFocus Software customers include non-profit organizations, Fortune 500 companies and the federal government. Our solutions capably serve organizations ranging from local sites with fewer than 100 individuals, to state-wide deployments serving thousands of individuals, to the United States Army, where our solutions are used to track the training and mission readiness of all 1.2 million soldiers http://www.nfocus.com.

Omni Institute: SPONSOR is a non-profit applied research, evaluation and technical assistance firm that has provided services to non-profits, foundations and governmental agencies for over 30 years. OMNI’s central office is in Denver, Colorado. We employ 70 staff members from a wide variety of academic disciplines including Sociology, Social Work, Psychology, and Public Health. Also, OMNI employs four full-time computer programmers who develop local and web-based management information systems. OMNI’s approach to service provision is client-centered and participatory—work is implemented through a partnership model to ensure that methods are well-informed and products are useful beyond the completion of services. http://www.omni.org 

Provalis Research: is the world's leading developer of mixed methods research software with ground-breaking qualitative and quantitative analysis programs, such as QDA Miner, an innovative mixed-models qualitative data analysis software; Simstat, an easy yet powerful statistical software; and WordStat, a poweful add-on module for computer assisted content analysis and text mining. One of the most distinctive features of these tools is their interoperability, allowing researchers to integrate numerical and textual data into a single project file and to seamlessly move back and forth between quantitative and qualitative data analysis, as well as to easily explore relationships between numerical and textual data. For more information, visit http://www.provalisresearch.com.

QSR International: evaluation programs are often multifaceted. You might be drawing on videos, audio recordings, Word documents, PDFs, even digital photos and podcasts. QSR International is the world’s leading developer of software that helps users to make sense of this material quickly and easily. Over 400,000 users in 90 countries are using our NVivo software. From program to personnel evaluation, NVivo removes many of the manual tasks associated with analysis, like classifying, sorting and arranging information, so you have more time to explore trends, build and test theories and ultimately arrive at answers to questions. Visit http://www.qsrinternational.com to download a free trial.

QUERI Inc: is a qualitative research consulting company. We provide assistance in qualitative research through a several areas of expertise: 1) Applying appropriate qualitative methodologies and research designs, 2) Coaching in qualitative data analysis software, 3) Writing grants (or portions of grants) pertaining to qualitative research, 4) Managing qualitative research studies. QUERI is ready to assist at any stage, and pleased to work with you regardless of your level of experience with qualitative research. Additional information about our services and credentials can be found at http://www.queri.com.

SAGE Publications: SPONSOR is an independent international publisher in the social sciences, technology and medicine-provides journals, books, and electronic media of the highest caliber. Researchers, students, and professionals have relied on our innovative resources for over 40 years. Please stop by our booth or visit us at http://www.sagepub.com to review our publications.

Social Solutions: enhance your impact on social policy with Social Solutions’ performance management solution ETO Software. ETO Software provides evaluators targeted reporting data to help funders and grantees work together to quantify and manage their performance. Evaluators can efficiently and accurately prepare data for analysis; and create the custom reports needed to understand and promote the positive forces of change. To find out more on how Social Solutions and ETO can help evaluators, visit us at  http://www.socialsolutions.com.

Stanford University Press: is committed to educating and assisting today's evaluators and tomorrow's leaders in the field.  SUP publishes books that stand at the intersection of scholarship and practice.  Our books not only introduce readers to today's methodological toolkit, but also help them to put evaluation in context-by seeing their practice through the lens of organizational studies, education, and public policy.  Please stop by our booth or visit us at http://www.sup.org

Thomson Reuters: SPONSOR provides a powerful selection of research resources and services that deliver access to relevant data and unique ways to search, analyze, evaluate, and share this vital information. ISI Web of Knowledge and Web of Science offer capabilities such as a unified search, cited reference searching, and integrated searching, writing, and bibliography creation. In-depth evaluation tools combine the power of publication data and citation analysis, providing users with tools to effectively track and analyze research activity and performance of individuals, institutions, and countries. Research and government institutions worldwide use these tools to benchmark and measure research output and influence, allocate funds, and set measurable research goals. For more information, go to http://www.thomsonreuters.com.

Westat: SPONSOR is an employee-owned research corporation serving Federal, state, local, and international government agencies, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and foundations. In addition to our capabilities as a leading survey research and data collection and analysis organization, Westat has extensive skill and experience in evaluation, strategic planning, performance measurement, and quantitative/qualitative research methods across a broad range of subject areas. Westat offers a full-range of evaluation services to meet our clients’ needs, including evaluation planning and design, implementation, data analysis, and reporting for process, implementation, and impact evaluation of programs and services at various stages of development. See our website at http://www.westat.com

WestEd: is a nonprofit research, development, and service agency that works with education and other communities to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. Through resources, services, programs, and projects, our more than 450 staff members address many issues in human development, from birth to senior care, and in education, from preservice into the world of work. In addition, WestEd focuses on disseminating relevant, research-based knowledge targeted to the needs of key audiences. Find out more information at http://www.wested.org.

Evaluation 2008 Confirmed University Exhibitors

AEA/Duquesne Graduate Education Diversity Internship Program: recruits graduate students
of color who already have the basic research capacities and substantive knowledge about their area of concentration to extend their capacities to evaluation. Stimulates evaluation thinking concerning communities and persons of color by providing professional development training opportunities for social science, public health, and other research graduate students, and deepens the evaluation profession's capacity to work in racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse settings.

Florida State University: offers doctoral and masters degree programs in Educational Policy and Evaluation. Our program prepares individuals for academic and policy-related careers that involve designing, developing, implementing, analyzing and evaluating federal, state and local educational policies. Students take a core set of policy and evaluation courses along with additional courses in the social sciences, humanities, and in advanced research methods. The department continues to build upon long-standing traditions of innovative research, well-known faculty and nationally recognized programs to provide students with some of the best resources available. More information about our programs can be found at http://www.fsu.edu/~elps  

Research and Development Center, Colorado State University: is a collaborative partnership of Colorado State University’s College of Applied Human Sciences, the School of Education, and the Poudre School District located in Fort Collins, CO. We offer research, evaluation, and consulting services to local, statewide, and national organizations across Pre-K–20 and adult education levels. Areas of expertise among the R&D Center’s faculty, staff, and graduate student partners include instructional and student learning, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, culturally-responsive education, and social/emotional development education. For information, please visit the R&D Center’s web site at http://www.cahs.colostate.edu/r-dcenter

University of Colorado Denver: SPONSOR the School of Public Affairs (SPA) at the University of Colorado Denver is the only NASPAA accredited school in the state. Outstanding faculty and a wide variety of concentrations contribute to SPA’s rank in the top 12% of public affairs programs in the country. SPA offers the Master in Public Administration degree, a Master in Criminal Justice program and a PhD in Public Affairs. Students may elect to take courses on the downtown Denver campus as well as online, in Colorado Springs or in Grand Junction. SPA offers specializations in local government, nonprofit administration, environmental policy, emergency management/homeland security or domestic violence. The SPA also offers many certificate programs, an option for a 12-month full-time MPA and executive MPA and MCJ programs for the seasoned professional. More information at: http://www.spa.cudenver.edu