Deadline: PASSED!!!

This page provides an overview of information related to submitting a proposal to present a professional development workshop as well as a portal for accessing the PD Workshop Submission Forms. All professional development workshop proposals must be submitted using the online PD Workshop Submission Forms on or before the Friday, March 17, due date.

Please do not use the application procedures described herein if you wish to present a workshop during the conference itself. Use this only for the extended workshops that precede and follow the conference. 

Background: One of the most valuable features of Evaluation 2006 is the focused learning that will take place during professional development workshops. These workshops offer evaluators at all phases of their careers an opportunity to take a look at a topic or skill-set of interest under the tutelage of an expert facilitator. These workshops differ from the ones offered during the conference itself in at least three ways: 1) each is longer and thus provides a more in-depth exploration of a skill or area of knowledge, 2) presenters are paid for their time and are expected to have significant experience both presenting and in the subject area, and 3) attendees pay separately for these workshops and are given the opportunity to evaluate the experience.

Full-day professional development workshops will be scheduled on Tuesday, October 31, 2006 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Half-day and full-day workshops will be scheduled on Wednesday, November 1, between 8:00  am and 11:00 am and 12:00 noon and 3:00 pm, as well as on Sunday, November 5, between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon (half-day sessions only).

The vast majority of workshops are identified through the open submission process described below. A few workshops are offered through special invitation to fill a specific need or gap not met by the open process or to fill the extended two-day workshop presentation spaces. In particular, presentations for all two-day workshops are by special invitation only based on attendance history and workshop evaluation history with AEA. The two-day workshops are offered on Monday and Tuesday, October 30 and 31, 2006.

The review process: Professional development workshop proposals are competitively reviewed by a task force of AEA's Professional Development Committee. Since space for these workshops is quite limited, and we wish to offer the highest quality training, the acceptance rate is far lower than for regular conference sessions. Therefore, in your proposal, we strongly recommend that you address all of the criteria listed below to the best of your ability. A two step process will be used during peer-review:

Step One: Each proposal will first be reviewed on its own merit using the following criteria.

  • The adequacy of the workshop description, including its learning outcomes,

  • The salience of the topic given current trends in evaluation,

  • The utility of the outcomes for those registering for the session,

  • The fit between the topic and the teaching/learning strategies outlined in the proposal,

  • The demonstrated expertise of the presenter,

  • The effort of previous presenters to use participant evaluation data to shape their current submission, and

  • The identification of prerequisite knowledge and skill required for intermediate and advanced  sessions.

Step Two: Each proposal will then be reviewed on the basis of how well it contributes to the overall quality, breadth, and depth of the workshop program. To attend to the diverse needs of conference attendees, the task force:

  • Seeks a reasonable balance across workshop levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced),

  • Seeks a broad and balanced representation across the spectrum of evaluation theory and practice, and

  • Considers workshops and presenters that will have broad appeal.

Those submitting a proposal will be notified of its status on or before June 1, 2006.

Payment: AEA will pay an honorarium of $500 per half-day (3-hour) workshop, $1000 per full-day (6-hour) workshop, and $2000 per two-day (12 hour) workshop for all professional development workshops presented at Evaluation 2006. Honorariums are allocated per workshop, not per presenter. Many workshop presenters donate their honorariums to the AEA student travel award fund or the international travel award fund in order to support student and international participation in the conference. We would like to encourage you to consider this option and to thank all who make donations towards the travel scholarship funds. 

All workshops will be held regardless of the number of registrants and all workshop presenters who are not donating their honorarium, will be paid regardless of the number of registrants. In addition, we will reimburse up to US$3 per attendee for materials' expenses based on receipts submitted by the presenter. 

Registration: AEA will handle all registration for the professional development workshops as part of conference registration. Workshop presenters will be able to access their workshop attendance numbers online as attendees enroll. For sessions that have not yet filled, as many as 20% of the attendees are likely to register on site. All attendees must register for the workshop -- presenters may not extend complimentary invitations to attendees.

Contact us: We are here to answer your questions! Contact Heidi or Susan in the AEA office via email at or via phone at (888) 232-2275 or (508) 748-3326 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.