Evaluation 2003 Exhibitors and Sponsors

Annual Meeting of the American Evaluation Association


There are many opportunities for Exhibiting, Sponsorship, and Advertising at Evaluation 2003. New additions this year including the option of placing an ad in the conference program and the opportunity for Universities to have a special conference exhibit table at a reduced rate.


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Confirmed Exhibitors for Evaluation 2003


ALBERT HYDEMAN ASSOCIATES: approaches program evaluation through a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodology.  AHA develops both formative and summative program evaluations that will measure program efficacy and identify pathways to program improvement.  Visit our exhibitor booth to meet DORA, our proprietary research protocol that focuses on the “human dimension” and enables us to gather qualitative data and process it for quantitative analysis. We also support clients in their program-related communication to key stakeholders through our Presentation Services Division.  Our Media Support Director will be at our booth demonstrating PowerPoint® makeovers.  Bring in a “before” slide and see it transformed into an impactful “after” slide that creates a memorable and evocative experience for your audience!  http://www.ahainc.com/research_main.htm  


AMHERST H WILDER FOUNDATION: Wilder Foundation books are written by experts with in-the-trenches experience. You'll get straightforward information and step-by-step guidance on nonprofit management, collaboration, community building, fundraising, and governance. Wilder books are practical guides with practical solutions, allowing the nonprofit sector to function more effectively. We strive to make sure that all the books we publish are helpful and easy-to-use. Our major workbooks are tested and critiqued by experts in the field before being published. Their comments help shape the final book and make it more useful to you. A quarter million Wilder publications are in use by community leaders and organizations in more than seventy countries. http://www.wilder.org/


CALIBER ASSOCIATES INC: Caliber Associates, Inc., a dynamic employee-owned consulting firm, provides research and consulting services that help clients develop effective human services programs and policies for the public good. Caliber offers consulting, applied social science, research, IT and information management, technical assistance and training and program evaluation. We combine functional and program expertise to provide solutions for our clients in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our staff work in eight practice areas: Child Care/Work-Life, Child, Family and Community, Communication and Information Management, Education, Information Technology, Personnel Research, Organizational and Military Community Research, and Substance Abuse. Caliber Associates, the measure of excellence. http://www.calib.com


ELSEVIER: Elsevier is a market leader in the publication and dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum of academic endeavors. The Elsevier Evaluation Program covers key publications such as The American Journal of Evaluation and Evaluation and Program Planning, as well as a host of related journals and books in the areas of information science, education research, psychology, methodology and health. All journals are also available electronically via ScienceDirect opening up a wealth of new possibilities for researchers as they navigate via searches and links. For a better picture of Evaluation and Methodology from Elsevier visit http://www.elseviersocialsciences.com/evaluation.


THE EVALUATION FORUM:  The Evaluation Forum helps organizations build outcome-based planning and evaluation capacity.  We also offer publications to facilitate the evaluation process.  We provide workshops and private coaching to assist agencies and foundations as they navigate the "Evaluation Trail".  The Washington State Governor's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee has just adopted our publication, Outcomes For Success 2000! for use by its granteed.  Recently, we created a custom manual for the UN.  The manual was used to train 2,500 staff members on designing and carrying out data collection for results based budgeting.  Stop by our table for a special AEA discount on all of our publications.  Check out our website: www.evaluationforum.com .  


GUILFORD PUBLICATIONS: Guilford Publications, one of the premier publishers in psychology and education, is expanding into the fields of research methods (both quantitative & qualitative) and evaluation.  This program will be headed by a long-time AEA attendee and member, C. Deborah Laughton.  Come by our booth to see some of our new offerings in statistics, psychology and education, and let us know what type of books and publications you’d like to see in evaluation.  http://www.guilford.com/cgi-bin/cartscript.cgi?page=periodicals/index.html&cart_id=


JOSSEY BASS, A WILEY IMPRINT: The nonprofit series from Jossey Bass, a Wiley imprint, is dedicated to providing high quality resources and thought leadership to those that are making a difference in people's lives and in their communities. Whether you are a new or experienced board member, fundraiser, volunteer or manager, Jossey-Bass offers resources to enrich your job and make your organization more effective.http://www.josseybass.com/WileyCDA/


KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS: Kluwer provides the highest quality information products and services to academic and corporate researchers in humanities & social sciences, environmental & plant sciences, physical sciences, behavioral sciences and engineering & computer sciences. Kluwer is publisher of The International Handbooks of Education. These publications have earned the esteem of scientists and professionals the world over. In this series The International Handbook of Educational Evaluation, edited by Thomas Kellaghan and Daniel L. Stufflebeam, is currently published December last year. A copy of the Handbook will be displayed. Kluwer is also the proud publisher of the Evaluation and Education in Human Services series by Dan Stufflebeam, George Madaus and Thomas Kellaghan and Journal of Personnel Evaluation in Education edited by Rick Tannenbaum (ETS)." http://www.wkap.nl/

MCREL INC: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning (McREL) is a well-respected, nonprofit research and education organization, known nationally for its rare combination of solid research and practical, field-based solutions to today’s educational challenges.  For over 35 years, McREL has provided technical assistance and consultation to the education field on school improvement, the development of standards-based programs, student assessments, evaluation and policy studies, strategic planning, and leadership development.  Our staff of highly respected educators, researchers, and evaluators provides the highest quality, field-tested, research-based products and comprehensive evaluation services available in PreK-16 education today.  For more information on McREL, visit www.mcrel.org.

NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION (NSF): AEA SPONSOR The NSF, a U.S. federal agency, funds science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) research and education.  Each year over 9,000 individuals, academic institutions, and for-profit and non-profit organizations receive grants or contracts.   NSF’s long-running Graduate Research Fellowships (GRF) support students pursuing advanced STEM degrees.   The newer Evaluative Research and Evaluation Capacity Building (EREC) /Research on Learning and Education (ROLE) grant programs serve evaluators and other researchers. NSF’s Custom News Service (CNS) sends regular updates about new program opportunities.  Subscribe to CNS or find out how to work for/apply to NSF’s programs at: www.nsf.gov or call the NSF Information Center: 703-292-5111. 

PERCEPTIVE MARKET RESEARCH: Perceptive Market Research, (PMR), is a research and evaluation support organization specializing in the broad data collection needs of researchers, evaluators, principal investigators, academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses.  We conduct high quality surveys, focus groups, intercepts and in-depth interviews.  We have a 35-station CATI Telephone Survey Center, network of field interviewers, and focus group set-up and recruitment nationwide.  Clients include the universities of Florida, Miami and Colorado, Brandeis University, Kent State and Emory universities, as well as the Florida Department of Health, Minnesota Institute of Public Health and the Maryland Department of Transportation. http://www.floridaleader.com/FL_PMR.htm

PRINCIPIA PRODUCTS: AEA SPONSOR  Data Collection software from Principia Products: Do you collect data from paper evaluation forms, online surveys and other research instruments? Software from Principia Products can save you time, reduce keying errors and produce useful analysis, graph and reports. Visit our table where we will be scanning the official AEA conference evaluations with Remark Office. This software uses an image scanner to collect check bow responses, bar codes and comment images from your forms. You can also see a demonstration of Remark Web Surveys which makes it very easy to create great looking on-line surveys, post them to the internet and collect the data. http://www.principiaproducts.com/

QSR INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD:  QSR International Pty Ltd  is the world leader in qualitative research software solutions. QSR’s software supports state-of-the-art data analysis, in traditional and emerging methodologies, and the sharing of information amongst individuals and teams.  QSR International has a distinguished reputation of setting the standard for innovative qualitative computing and driving methodological development.  Our strong software foundation is built from front-line research and years of listening, supporting and working with academic and corporate researchers worldwide. John Woolcott and Kristi Jackson will be on hand at our table or visit us online at www.qsrinternational.com .

RESEARCH TALK INC: ResearchTalk Inc provides consultation, seminars and work sessions on all phases of qualitative analysis. Our Qualitative Scholars Program and Qualitative Research Summer Intensive provide opportunity for you to work directly with leading authors in the field of qualitative method. We are also specialist in the use of qualitative software and feature multiple packages at the booth. http://www.researchtalk.com/

SAGE PUBLICATIONS: AEA SPONSOR   SAGE Publications, an independent international publisher in the social sciences, technology and medicine-provides journals, books, and electronic media of the highest caliber.  Researchers, students, and professionals have relied on our innovative resources for over 35 years.  Please stop by our booth or visit us at www.sagepub.com to review our publications.  

SPSS INC: SPSS Inc. (NASDAQ) is the world's leading provider of predictive analytics software and solutions. The company's predictive analytics technology connects data to effective actions by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events. More than 250,000 commercial, academic, and public sector customers rely on SPSS technology to help increase revenue, reduce costs, improve processes and detect and prevent fraud. Founded in 1968, SPSS is Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. For additional information please visit http://www.spss.com

TECHVISION SOFTWARE: Need to collect and analyze data on evaluation, survey, or assessment forms? We have an ideal solution. TechVision FormIDEA is an intelligent forms processing software seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel to give you the combined power of image data capture, analysis and management. Its innovative design enables you to work directly in Excel to read and analyze data from scanned or faxed paper forms containing barcodes, check marks, and linear marks (specially used for evaluations, surveys, and assessments). Its advanced image recognition engine can automatically detect and correct form image distortions (e.g. skew, misalignment, size or resolution and page orientation changes), allowing you to process forms produced from different sources under different conditions with high accuracy. Visit our exhibit table in Evaluation 2003 to see a live demo and receive our special FormIDEA offer. http://www.tkvision.com

WESTED: AEA SPONSOR  Throughout almost every education and social service program, the question arises: How are things going? Sometimes it is asked by those running the program, sometimes by the people who are funding it. The search for answers often leads to WestEd's Evaluation Research Program. We perform dozens of analyses each year, including evaluation studies, program design and policy formation and professional development and training. We offer useable findings, high-quality standards and mixed methods and sources. Our staff, many of them veteran evaluators, have a wide variety of expertise including: elementary and secondary education, curriculum and instruction, higher education, organizational change, school reform, community development, social service and research methodology. http://www.wested.org/

WORLD BANK OPERATIONS EVALUATION DEPARTMENT (OED): AEA SPONSOR  As an independent evaluation unit, the OED evaluates the effectiveness of the Bank's activities, improves the Bank's work by identifying and disseminating lessons and recommendations, drawn from its evaluation findings. The OED exhibit offers conference participants some of OED's recent products available in print, on the web, and on CD-ROM. http://www.worldbank.org/oed/. The World Bank Institute Evaluation: http://www.worldbank.org/wbi/evaluation/index.html covers all of WBI programs, to determine their impact and what participants learn. IFC's Operations Evaluation Group (OEG): http://www2.ifc.org/oeg/ is the post-evaluation function within IFC. MIGA's Operations Evaluation Unit(OEU) is the post-evaluation function within MIGA: http://www.miga.org/ .    


CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY:  CLAREMONT GRADUATE UNIVERSITY: Claremont Graduate University has been providing high quality graduate education in evaluation for over two decades, specializing in evaluation at the masters and doctoral level. We have a very strong record of placing our graduates in important and rewarding evaluation positions worldwide. We also offer certifications in evaluation, and have a successful series of annual workshops in Evaluation and Applied Methods for working professionals looking for the most up-to-date training. http://www.cgu.edu/sbos/

FIELDING GRADUATE INSTITUTE: Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, California offers both Masters and Doctoral level degrees in Human Development, Organizational Management and Clinical Psychology.  Learn about our skill development workshops for evaluators and OD consultants and on-line certificate program in Evaluation and Organizational Development. This program seeks to prepare program evaluators to strategically design and use evaluation for organizational learning and development in foundations and nonprofit organizations.  We are online at http://www.fielding.edu/hod/eodcert/eodprog.htm. Come visit our booth at AEA. You may be interested in getting your Myers-Briggs profile. We will have access to an on-line testing site and a consultant on hand to interpret your report.

HOWARD UNIVERSITY: Howard University Evaluation Training Institute (HU/ETI) offers professional development to expand the number and capacity of mathematics and science project evaluators who can plan and implement evaluations that are technically sound, contextually relevant, and have increased utility.  The program consists of two-week summer training at Howard University in Washington, DC and a two-day following-up session in the fall.  The HU/ETI is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.  For more information, contact: bkwilson@howard.edu 


UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN (UIUC): A specialty within the Department of Educational Psychology (currently ranked fourth in US News & World Report), the study of evaluation can be pursued at either the masters or doctoral level. UIUC's evaluation program concentrates on educational programs and settings and offers a variety of evaluation methods for study, including interpretive and case study methods, survey and experimental methods, and an additional unique emphasis on mixed method approaches to evaluation. Our curriculum also includes evaluation practica, and our ongoing evaluation projects offer many opportunities for graduate student participation. Our renowned group of core faculty are: Lizanne DeStefano, Jennifer Greene, Katherine Ryan, Tom Schwandt, and Bob State. Visit http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/EDPSY/divisions/queries/degrees.html or stop by our table to learn more about our program.


UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA: Two University of Minnesota Departments--Educational Policy & Administration and Educational Psychology--offer both masters and doctoral degrees with an emphasis in program evaluation.  An Evaluation Studies Certificate is available for non-degree candidates.  Each spring, the Minnesota Evaluation Studies Institute offers intensive training, this year featuring Hallie Preskill, Michael Patton, and Richard Krueger (April 30-May 2, 2003).  Minnesota’s Twin Cities are home to a vibrant group of evaluation practitioners.  Please check our website at http://www.education.umn.edu


UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA/LAS VEGAS: The Department of Educational Psychology offers several Master's and Doctoral degrees with emphases in research methodology and program evaluation. The Department's Center for Evaluation and Assessment provides contract evaluation services and offers graduate assistantships to qualified students. Please visit our table our check our website to learn more about the opportunites in program evaluation at UNLV.  http://education.unlv.edu/EP/index.htlm    


UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA: Offers master's and doctoral degrees in Education that allow for a specialization in program evaluation. EVALUATION, ASSESSMENT, AND POLICY CONNECTIONS (EvAP): is an evaluation consulting and training unit in the UNC School of Education directed by Dr. Rita O'Sullivan. Graduate student assistantships are available with EvAP for outstanding applicants. This academic year, EvAP will offer two, three and five day evaluation training institutes. For more information please contact Kellie Belton at 1-866-874-8460 or check our website: /Training/training.htm


UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY: The Research and Evaluation Methodology Program at offers two doctoral degrees. The Ph.D. in Psychology prepares evaluators and methodologists for academic, government, and consulting positions. The Ph.D. in Education prepares students for leadership positions in education, with particular emphasis on program evaluation. Students are offered financial assistance and the opportunity to work with faculty on projects funded by the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, the Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, the Centers for Disease Control, and Prevention, the Kellogg Foundation, and numerous state agencies. For more information, contact Prof. Karl White at karl.white@usu.eduhttp://www.usu.edu/rem/


WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY: The Evaluation Center is a university-level research/contracting unit whose mission is to provide national and international leadership for advancing the theory and practice of evaluation. Meet senior staff and our first students in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Evaluation. Also, find out about current job openings, our evaluation summer institute, current projects, and future directions. Free CD! http://evaluation.wmich.edu



Exhibiting at Evaluation 2003


PROSPECTUS OVERVIEW:  Evaluation 2003, held in Reno, NV offers unique opportunities to share your products and services with professional evaluators from the U.S. and around the world. We will work with you to create a package that puts your business or organization in the limelight during the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference. As an exhibitor, you may wish to consider sponsorship with its added benefits as described on the next page. Many sponsors, depending on their sponsorship level, receive a basic exhibitor package as part of sponsorship. 


CONFERENCE ATTENDEES: With over 300 sessions and 800 presenters, the national conference of the American Evaluation Association attracts a variety of attendees including independent consultants, academics, government and NGO evaluators, representatives from social service and non-profit agencies, students and business professionals from the U.S. and abroad. We expect conference attendance of between 1200 and 1400 in Nevada.  Last year, at Evaluation 2002 in Washington, there were 1800 in attendance.


EXHIBITOR SPACE:  At John Ascuaga’s Nugget, all exhibitor space for Evaluation 2003 is on a single floor in the main halls immediately outside the main conference rooms. Foot traffic around these spaces should be excellent. All exhibit space is in the form of table-tops. A standard space offers one 2.5' x 6' skirted table with a chair to one side. Some prime spaces are available with two tables set as an "L" or three tables set as an "L" or "U". 


EXHIBITOR PACKAGES:  The basic exhibitor package for Evaluation 2003 includes a single 2.5' x 6' skirted table with chair, a 50-100 word profile in our exhibitor flyer included in every attendee information packet, and name-badges with exhibitor ribbons for exhibit staff. The best deal is the Premium Package that includes the Basic Package plus an extra table and web listing saving you a total of $75 over the items purchased separately.


EXHIBITOR FEES:  Exhibitor fees are as detailed below. Exhibitors also receive a 10% discount on advertising in the conference program. 





Basic Package



Additional Table



Listing on Website



Premium Package (Basic package plus additional table and website listing



University Package*




*The University Package is available only to Colleges and Universities to share information about their programs and evaluation work. The table may also serve as a gathering place and information base for attendees from a particular institution. The University Package consists of a single table that need not be staffed during the conference. University exhibitors also receive an abbreviated listing in the exhibitor flyer and are eligible for the 10% advertising discount. The $75 fee covers the cost to AEA of space rental for the table and printing of exhibitor information.


EXHIBITOR HOURS: The conference runs from 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 5, 2003 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, November 8, 2003.  Your table should be open and staffed from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, and Friday and from at least 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturday. Some tables are available for Wednesday exhibiting and this opportunity may be taken advantage of at no extra charge.   


a Click here to download a pdf version of the standard exhibitor/sponsor/advertiser Application

a Click here to download a pdf version of the University Prospectus and Application


Sponsorship at Evaluation 2003


SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW: Sponsorship offers you a unique way to network with Evaluation 2003 attendees, support the American Evaluation Association, and increase the name recognition for your business or organization among national and international evaluators. The information outlined below represents example sponsorship opportunities and benefits. We are happy to work with you to identify a sponsorship opportunity that meets your individual needs.


SPONSOR BENEFITS: All sponsors receive recognition in the conference program next to the event or service that they are sponsoring and are acknowledged during the AEA annual awards luncheon. Event sponsors, other than a sponsor for the graduate student reception, may have a table placed at the event on which the sponsor may provide information about his or her products or services. Sponsors providing financial support or donating goods or services valued in excess of $2,500 also receive a basic exhibitor package and a free ¼ page advertisement in the AEA program. Sponsors may ‘buy up’ to a larger exhibitor package or larger advertisement by paying the difference between the basic package or the quarter page ad and their desired space or advertisement. All full sponsors may have a sign placed at the sponsored event or room that acknowledges their sponsorship.


SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Sponsors may donate products or services such as printing, copying, computers for use during the conference, data-analysis assistance, or web-site support. We especially encourage direct sponsorship through financial support of our conference events and services as indicated on the chart below:


Sponsorship Opportunity


Full Sponsorship Fee

Conference Program with acknowledgement on back cover



Wednesday Night “Meet the Authors” Reception



Thursday Night Poster Session and Reception

Sold - NSF


Friday Night International Auction and Reception



Thursday Night Graduate Student Reception



Computer Room



Job Bank




CO-SPONSORSHIP: All of the above events and the conference program may be co-sponsored at half of the price of full sponsorship. 


a Click here to download a pdf version of the standard exhibitor/sponsor/advertiser Application

a Click here to download a pdf version of the University Prospectus and Application


Advertising at Evaluation 2003


ADVERTISING:  Our hardcopy conference program, with its extensive index of presenters, is the guide used by every conference attendee during the event that is then taken home for reference. AEA reserves the right to refuse any proposed advertising. Advertising rates for the conference program are as follows:



Dimensions (w x h)

Exhibitor Rate

Non-Exhibitor Rate

Eighth page

3.5" x 2"



Quarter page

3.5" x 4.75"



Half page

7.5" x 4.75"



Full page

7.5" x 10"



Advertising specifications are available upon request. All materials provided must be camera-ready.

a Click here to download a pdf version of the standard exhibitor/sponsor/advertiser Application

a Click here to download a pdf version of the University Prospectus and Application


Contact Us


CONTACT US: The AEA Office is staffed from 9-5 Monday through Friday Eastern Time. We welcome any inquiry and look forward to working with you to make your experience at Evaluation 2002 a success.

Heidi Nye, AEA Exhibits Manager:  heidi@eval.org
Address:  16 Sconticut Neck Rd #290, Fairhaven, MA 02719
Phone:  (888) 232-2275 or (508) 748-3326
Fax:   (888) 232-2275 or (508) 748-3326